COPD- A Deadly Enemy of Lungs

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The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is not a single ailment but basically is an umbrella term used to describe progressive lung diseases including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, refractory (non-reversible) asthma, and some types of bronchiectasis. This malfunctioning is characterized by increasing breathlessness and can lead to death. To keep yourself safe read about this.


Most common causes of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are discussed below.

  1. In most cases of COPD the noticed reason is inhaling of specific pollutants; that majorly includes smoking (cigarettes, pipes, cigars).
    causes of COPD
  2. Fumes, chemicals, and dust found in many work environments and organic cooking oil also are major contributing factors in many reported cases.
  3. Genetics also play a role in the development of COPD. Even if the person has never smoked or has ever been exposed to strong lung irritants in the workplace but have some defective genes these may be causative agents.


Following are the major symptoms which are associated with this deadly disease.

  • Shortness of breath, especially during any kind of physical activities.
  • Wheezing.
  • Chest tightness.
  • Excess mucus inside the lungs.
  • A chronic cough that may produce too much mucus that may be clear, white, yellow or greenish in color.
  • The blueness of the lips and fingernails
  • Frequent attacking by respiratory infections
  • Lack of energy and weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Swelling of ankles, feet, and legs


Unlike some diseases, COPD has a clear cause so there is a very clear way of prevention. The majority of cases are directly related to cigarette smoking so the best way to prevent COPD is to never smoke or to stop smoking now.
prevention of COPD

Occupational exposure to chemical fumes and dust is another risk factor for COPD. If a person is working with this type of lung irritant best way to avoid this infection is using the respiratory protective equipment.


COPD is completely treatable. With proper management and precautions, most people with COPD may achieve good symptom control and appropriate quality of life again. With control of symptoms, reduced risk of other associated conditions may also be achieved easily. If you are a victim of this or any other respiratory problem visit to find and consult best pulmonologist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan.

Keep in mind that most respiratory problems happen due to smoking and air pollution avoid smoking and keep your environment clean and green.

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