Corona and Pregnancy! What You Must Know?

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We are going through trying times and the world is not the same anymore! Little did we knew things will transform this fast over days to weeks. But as now corona is the part of our everyday life or at least corona scare is the very much part of everyday life. Being associated with healthcare we sense the responsibility to update all of our users on this.

This is a new virus and the world does not know much about it yet. But with every passing day, it is being better understood. High-risk groups like the elderly need to stay on top of this information and keep themselves safe.


This piece of information is especially intended for women who are expecting. Pregnant women were not added in high-risk groups initially but a recent advancement shows that these are now added to vulnerable groups.

We have gathered some much-needed information from authentic sources that you can easily rely on to ensure your safety and well being of your baby.

Here are some of the important points to consider regarding COVID-19 if you are expecting.

How corona can affect me in pregnancy?

Pregnant women are known to get all infections including corona more easily compared to those who are not expecting. If you get infected by corona expect symptoms similar to common cold and flu. Observations so far show that most pregnant women are only seen as having mild to moderate corona symptoms. Pregnant women who have more serious symptoms and complications usually are already having problems like asthma and diabetes.

If you face prolonged symptoms and your condition is worsening contact your healthcare provider. But before visiting a hospital use telemedicine services from home. As this virus spreads at an exponential rate so you might end up infecting other people or get the infection from outside. Taking care in this regard is very important not only for your safety but for the safety of others.

If I have been diagnosed with corona how will it affect my baby?

As mentioned earlier there is a lot to learn about this virus yet. It is not definite that it can cause premature births or any other mal effects on your baby. Also, it’s not well established yet of this virus can be transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy or at the time of birth. So far babes born to women with corona infection were healthy and showed no unusual health-related problems that can be designated to the coronavirus.

What I must do to minimize my risk of catching this infection?

Washing hands with soap remain to be the topmost important precaution for staying safe from the corona. Also, you should minimize social contact and avoid eating out. Follow all other precautions like:

  • Wash hands thoroughly after coming home from public places.
  • Avoid physical contact like handshakes and hugs.
  • Stay away from anyone having symptoms.
  • Do not visit other people and do not have guests.
  • Avoid visiting places with high risks like hospitals and public washrooms.
  • Take care of hygiene.
  • Keep a sanitizer with you if you go out.
  • Wear a mask when out of the home.

Doing this you can reduce not only the risk of corona infection but many other infections as well.

Can I continue working?

If you work from home ou can continue to do so but if your work demands public-facing consider getting it modified to reduce your risk of catching the infection. If not possible take all recommended precautions to stay safe from catching this infection.

Can I keep attending my antenatal appointments?

Antenatal appointments are of utmost importance to keep your and baby’s health under check. if you are healthy you can go to attend your appointments as usual but if you suspect an exposure or have symptoms like high-grade fever and continuos cough talk to your midwife or gynecologist over the phone. They might postpone your appointment if suitable till you recover or if it’s necessary for you to have a check-up a special arrangement like off timings or changed location might be considered to protect other patients.

What to do if I feel anxious about my baby any time during self-isolation or otherwise?

We know the panic that may set in when you are expecting and need to talk to a doctor to clear away any concerns you might have. Marham is here to help you with telemedicine services. You can use the website or app to find and consult the best gynecologist in Pakistan. Video consultation with a gynecologist will help you find out if you need to visit a hospital or not.

Remember video consultation is not for any emergencies if your water breaks or you have any other serious symptoms do not wait and head over to a hospital to seek prompt medical attention.

What should I do if I am tested positive for the coronavirus?

If your symptoms are manageable you might be advised to stay at home and self-isolate. If you experience any kind of difficulty in breathing or find it difficult to manage symptoms you may need to be admitted to hospital.

How my care plan and delivery procedures will be handled if I get corona?

As mentioned earlier your antenatal appointments if deemed suitable by your maternity care providers may be delayed. However, there is no evidence so far that the coronavirus gets transmitted to the baby during vaginal birth. Depending upon other health-related issues like asthma that patient may have C-section can opt. Also, there were cases in China where pregnant women with corona delivered before their due dates. But it is still not clear how corona can cause preterm birth. If everything goes well and you have manageable symptoms you can go for a natural birth.

In all these circumstances most important is to keep calm while doing your best to stay safe. Spend quality time with your family and find ways to destress.

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