Corona and Repeated Hand Washing! Got Dry and Chapped Hands?

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Wash your hands for 20 sec
You must wash your hands every once every hour
Wash your hands before and after you touch anything or anyone

You have been hearing all these and many other such recommendations from the past few months en raison de corona pandemic. No doubt washing hands has been proven to fight and limit the spread of infections due to viruses and that includes the coronavirus. But all this handwashing is taking a toll on the skin of hands making these dry, chapped, and wrinkly. People with skin conditions such as psoriasis are at an even worsening edge. Although visiting hospitals is discouraged for now due to corona pandemic however, you can consult a dermatologist online and get help regarding any skin related issues.


While we cannot suggest limiting handwashing in this age of COVID-19 there certainly are some ways you can make the skin of your hand less dry and itchy.

Use Lukewarm Water

Instead of washing hands with hit water go for lukewarm water. Hot water will remove all the oils of the skin and leave it dry.

Replace soap bar with Liquid Soap

Soap bars have ingredients that strip moisture from the skin. A good alternative is liquid soap. It has less damaging chemicals and tends to go easy on the skin.

Blot dry

Always prefer to blot dry your hands rather than rubbing these with a towel. Rubbing can lead to micro-abrasions. The use of a paper towel is a better option. If you use a cloth towel consider keeping it dry and wash after every 2 days. Also, avoid sharing it with others.


The importance of a good moisturizer can never be overemphasized. With all this frequent hand washing, you need your moisturizer more than ever. Invest in a good quality moisturizer. The use of hand creams is found more effective compared to lotions.

Type Of Soap

The use of a moisturizing soap can help preserve some moisture off the skin of hands. Look for a soap that has lanolin and glycerin in it and has a creamy consistency.

Substitute hand washing for Sanitizing

Although sanitizer is not an alternative for washing hands especially before and after eating, after using the washroom or when you have soiled hands. Other than these circumstances you can use it to avoid hand washing and limit dryness of the skin. But as per recommendations, your sanitizer should consist of fo more than 60% of alcohol for effective sanitizing.

Wear Gloves Prevent Corona

Besides preventing corona a pair of gloves can save your hands from damage due to environmental conditions. Also, to limit washing you can consider wearing gloves. For this, you must first wash hands thoroughly, dry slightly, apply a good moisturize and put on gloves for 1-2 hours.

Moisturize Over Night

Moisturizing overnight is a good idea to prepare the skin of your hands for a day ahead with repeated washings. Use a heavy moisturizer and consider wearing gloves to improve absorption.

Use a Balm

People suffering from skin problems like eczema may see worsening in condition due to repeated hand washing. Dermatologists suggest the use of moisturizing balm like Vaseline. Apply it directly on to cracks and sores right after washing hands. It will prevent further damage and will promote healing.

If at any time you need to consult a dermatologist you can visit for online consultation. Right now due to the corona pandemic it is suggested to use telemedicine rather than visiting hospitals. Stay home stay safe.

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