COVID-19 Quarantine Guide: Here Is How You Can Self Isolate Yourself

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The rise in the COVID-19 pandemic is making us sick to our stomachs. Healthcare groups are flooded with different types of questions coming from every end. One is concerned about where to find a doctor whereas the other one is still confused about the basic symptoms. Some people are still in a phase of denial.

The most asked question we’ve been receiving lately is, ‘What is the right way to quarantine”. Though it has been explained various times but to simplify it, here is a step by step guide to it.

1. Shift To A Separate Room

The COVID-19 quarantine protocols are very important. An affected person should be shifted to a room which is either segregated or totally separate from the one others are living in. It is very important to observe social distancing between the patient and other family members. Try to maintain at least a distance of 1 meter from people living in the same house.

2. Eat In The Same Room

COVID-19 patients are suggested to take their food in the same room they’re quarantining in. Try not to even share a washroom with the affected person. If there is no other washroom available, try to disinfect the washroom first with a disinfectant.

3. Do Not Share Your Utensils

A person who is tested positive should be given separate dishes, drinking glasses, cups, towels, bedding, and other items for their use. Do not share anything with them unless it is properly washed.

4. Disinfect Your Area Frequently

If you are finding it hard to buy a disinfectant, get a bottle of vinegar and detol and mix it up with water. With a ratio 30% detol 30% vinegar and 40% water you’ll be able to get an effective disinfectant at home. Clean the doorknobs, bathroom utensils and taps with it or just spray them with the disinfectant before using anything.

5. Wash Your Stuff Separately

Wash food utensils, clothes and bed linen of a COVID-19 patient with soap, water and a little bit of detol in it.

6. Monitor Yourself

It is recommended that you monitor your body temperature with a thermometer, twice a day. So, if anything is found unusual, you can immediately contact a doctor.

7. Stay In Contact With A Doctor

Communication link with a healthcare worker is very important in the time of COVID-19 quarantine. There should be regular communication between you and the doctor so they can help you analyse your health better.

8. Understand The Importance Of Sanitisation

Another important thing to learn is the importance of sanitisation. There should be proper guidelines for hand sanitisation, cleaning and disinfection of environmental surface observed by all members of the household.

9. Do Not Cook For Others If You Are Infected

If the person who is affected by COVID-19 is a housewife, it is strictly suggested that she should discontinue household work immediately. If she is in COVID-19 quarantine, she should avoid preparing, cooking and serving food to other members of the family.

10. Do Not Interact With Anyone

During this time, strictly mention to all your relatives and other family members that your are not welcoming any guests. Minimise visitors to the household. The quarantined person should not interact with the visitors or anyone else.

A Word From Marham is trying their best to provide you with a very stable telemedicine service to encourage staying at home. It is the time when every one of us should behave like responsible citizens and stay at home as much as we can.

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Let’s Fight This Together Like Responsible Citizen!

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