COVID19: Here Are The Signs Which Mean That You Must Rush To A Hospital

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The situation around us is not under control in any way. At this time, the best we can do is to keep ourselves safe in every possible way. Every other person around is either experiencing high-grade fever or other symptoms that are also present in COVID19 patient. That is the reason, we’re more panicked than ill in real. In the light of the current situation, the doctors recommend you to ask all possible questions over call and do not visit hospitals unnecessarily. Considering the situation around, going to hospitals can put you at a greater risk to catch the virus.

In case you notice any of the below-mentioned symptoms, you must rush to a hospital because it can be life-threatening.

If Fever Spikes Repeatedly

If you are experiencing a fever which does not go away or goes away with medicine but later comes back, it is something you should talk to a doctor about. High spiked fever can be a sign of COVID19 but can also indicate typhoid. If the fever is high, draining your energy and also affecting your appetite, either talk to a doctor or get tested.

Persistent Cough

Cough, either dry or with mucus, it can be a sign of COVID19. If you’re experiencing cough to an extent that it affects your speech and breathing, talk to a doctor and visit them immediately of they ask you to. Otherwise, many of the people are being treated at their homes and are doing well. It is important to keep a positive approach all the time.

Chest Compression

Chest compression and congestion either with or without breathing can be upsetting. I can also be a sign of oxygen deficiency. Keep an oxygen tank at home and if you do not have it and are experiencing extreme chest compressions, you should visit your doctor or a hospital as soon as possible.

Struggle Breathing

Struggle in breathing and shortness of breath during normal everyday chores is a sign of COVID-19 if you’re not asthmatic. If you are asthmatic please carry on with your controller and preventer medicines if you think it is your normal asthmatic condition. In both cases, if the issue persists, you need to visit a hospital as soon as you can.

A Word From Marham

Keep yourself home and safe, do not go out for fun or even to the hospitals unnecessarily because that can be even more dangerous in this situation.

If anyone around you is suffering from above-mentioned conditions, talk to a doctor first through online consultation and then take them to the hospital is recommended. Call us at 03111222398 to book an online consultation.

Moreover, if someone requires plasma, you can also look into these options.

Stay Home Stay Safe!

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