COVID19: It Is Said To Be Here Before December 2019

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COVID19 has literally turned our lives upside down. These last 10 months of our lives have been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. From a lot of misconceptions about this disease to even denying its existence, we’ve learned a lot in this previous year. The news about COVID19 entering in 2020 with us wasn’t taken very seriously as it was just a disease in Wuhan which was supposed to go away after a while.

December 2019 introduced us to a new problem, even before entering everyone’s new “Year of Goals”, we had something to be worried about. Thousands of people were locked down in China and the death ratio kept increasing alarmingly. No one exactly knew when and where did it start from. Still surprises us when we think, who actually started it.
This fact confuses the doctors as much as it confuses us. This is exactly why some of the researchers decided to find the root cause of this deadly disease and they’ve found something informative and interesting.

Was It There Before December 2019?

Many of the healthcare workers and researchers decided to re-test the throat swabs from earlier in the winters to know whether it was just the normal flu or not. The analysis based on the retesting that had been done in Wuhan, China, and Seattle, United States, shows that thousands of people who had flu-like symptoms last winter could’ve actually suffered from COVID-19.

News of COVID19 hit our channels on December 31, 2019. China announced that there have been thousand of pneumonia cases, which later turned out to COVID-19.

Unseen And Undetected

The analytical study that has been published both from Wuhan and Seattle state the first-ever cases that they came across. It is said that the disease was silently spreading even before it was identified as COVID-19.

A study which was done in Wuhan states that there were 26 cases of flu and 4 out of them sought treatment for severe flu-like symptoms, later, it was detected that they were suffering from COVID19. All 4 of them were above 30 years of age and these cases were detected before January 2020.

Furthermore, the study which was done in Seattle shows that there were 25 people who were COVID19 positive reported severe respiratory illness. That too before March 9, 2020.

Both the studies have one thing in common, these patients were tested positive for influenza. At the time of the lockdown imposed in Wuhan, China there were only 422 cases which were detected, before January 2020. However, the studies estimate that before December 30, 2019, there were already more than 1,300 cases of COVID-19 in Wuhan. The cases were commonly found in children. Whereas in Seattle, there may have been thousands more mild cases before December 2020.

How Rapidly Did It Spread?

As per the findings and study were done on COVID19, this pandemic started from a single person in Wuhan, which said to have developed symptoms os COVOID19 approximately at the end of October 2019. The health professionals say that it had already started spreading around December 25, 2019, and January 15, 2020. By the time it was reported on the news channel, the spread of COVID-19 in these two cities was much more than it was initially reported. This disease started spreading months before the introduction of lockdowns.

We Can Still Save Ourselves From The Virus

If we think the virus is gone, we’re mistaken. The virus is still here and we will have to live with it no matter what. All we have to do is to keep ourselves safe by following the precautionary measures and avoiding crowded places such as hospitals, as much as we can.

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