COVID19 Reinfection Is A Real Thing And We Should Be Careful!

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As much we are learning about COVID19, it has started to help us in deciding our next steps towards it. Moreover, it is also proving to be an eye-opener towards the reality of this disease. Till now, we’ve been brushing off the concept of reinfection in COVID19 patients, but guess what? It is not just a myth anymore.

The Reinfection in COVID19 Patients Is Real!

Just a day ago, a patient with reinfection from the novel coronavirus is confirmed in Pakistan. In a grim turn of events, reinfection is showing severe symptoms in comparison to the first time of this infection. It is said that the reinfected patient is experiencing even more serious symptoms now. It is said to have an existence of more than one strain of COVID19 and yes, it comes back!

A case of reinfection of Coronavirus has emerged in Pakistan, General Secretary, Young Doctors Association, Salman Kazmi, has confirmed.

The reinfected COVID19 patient is a doctor at Mayo Hospital Lahore. He was initially declared COVID19 positive 3 months ago while directly working with Coronavirus patients in the COVID ward. The doctor, after serving isolation period, made a complete recovery and was cleared from isolation centre after testing negative. However, the doctor recently developed more severe symptoms of COVID19 and once again tested positive making it the first REINFECTION reported in Pakistan.

How It Happened

The doctor, reinfected with COVID19 initially started having really mild symptoms, it has now become more severe as the days are passing. He was allowed to return back to his duty in the COVID ward, Mayo Hospital, which is said to be the possible source of reinfection. After recovering from COVID19, our bodies produce antibodies which are said to protect us against the virus and the people assume it will protect us against it forever. The actual case is that the antibodies can only protect recovered patients for three months only after which reports suggest there are chances of catching the virus again.

The recovered COVID19 patients should still also be careful in this pandemic. Even after recovering from coronavirus make sure to follow all precautionary measures toll they’re compulsory. You are not exempted, you can catch the virus again too!

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