COVID19 Transmits From Food As Well, TRUE Or FALSE?

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COVID19, Coronavirus, and whatever it is named, we were totally unaware of it before 2020 started. We heard of several people falling ill in Wuhan to an unknown disease that was supposed to stay in China only. But then things escalated quite quickly. City after city and country after country, it reached us. Pakistan and other developing countries were expected to be the worst-hit ones as we are already far away from having stable healthcare. There were multiple speculations, various rumors that Pakistan will not be able to make it. As times passed, it is surprising to see how things have shaped for a country like Pakistan. It won’t be wrong if we say, in the real world, it is nothing short of a miracle.

Under the spotlight today is Pakistan – a country that seems to be emerging victorious in its fight against COVID-19 – a pandemic that has brought even the likes of the United States to its knees.

Diseases like these and pandemics not only bring diseases but a lot of other issues along as well. Similarly, COVID19 had the same issues and along with the disease itself, there was a lot of misinformation, misguidance and people kept spreading false facts. All through this time, we’ve been hearing about various ways which can transmit virus which included food as well. Many news surfaced that COVID19 is also a major medium that transmits viruses. Hence, we decided to dig in this issue and find out what the studies say about it.

What The Researches Say About The Link Between Food And COVID19

According to the various studies by CDC and the World Health Organization, there’s no trusted source that says people could catch the COVID19 germs from handling food or from the food delivered at their place. Moreover, according to the experts, it is unlikely that people will develop COVID19 from packaged food. It is still advised to wipe or disinfect the cardboard or plastic packaging.

In the meantime, all we have realized is that the SARS-CoV-2 has become so prevalent that it’s hard to pin down exactly where certain cases come from.

If Not Food, Does It Transmit Through Fresh Fruits And Vegetables?

Just like the groceries and other food items that we get there is no trusted source that suggests people could develop COVID-19 from handling fresh fruits and vegetables. According to WHO, there’s also no evidence present that suggests that herbal teas, probiotics, or other so-called remedies, like eating ginger or garlic, can treat COVID19. The initial cases of COVID19 were directly associated with the seafood markets in China, it still keeps some people skeptical of similar situations.

So, along with personal safety measures that we are taking, it is also important to maintain the basic food safety measures. Which is to cook meals at a temperature that kills the bacteria. COVID19 and other similar viruses spread from person-to-person when someone coughs, sneezes, or talks. It is rarely possible to catch a virus by touching food or food packaging.

Is In-Person Dine-In Safe Or Not?

COVID19 is widely spread from places where people are gathered such as bars, clubs, and in-person dining at restaurants. This is why these places were the first ones to shut down when the severity of the pandemic was identified.

Busy cities like New York have started functioning with outdoor dining, where tables are separated at a safe distance. Whereas in Pakistan, as the cases have been in control for a while, the government has lifted the lockdown and have allowed dining ins and other activities with proper social distancing and precautionary protocols.

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