COVID19: What Do We Know After 7 Months Into Pandemic?

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The times “before” this COVID19 seem very much like a decade ago, don’t they?. Those days were carefree, sanitizer, and mask free. When we could just run and hug our friends and shake hands without even giving a second thought. The days which were not verboten, we weren’t ‘mask’ bound. When going out or meeting someone, we didn’t have to reach for a mask or forage for hand sanitizers. Moreover, those days when social distancing wasn’t part of our daily lives.

Talking about those days, if we realize, in reality, it has only been almost seven months. YES!! It has been only 7 months since the world learned about a new and fatal coronavirus that has entered our lives.

What We Know About This Virus Now

1. The Relationship Between COVID19 and Kids: It Is Complicated

In the earlier days of this COVID19 pandemic, it felt like there is a silver lining connected to this disease which was sweeping across the world.

The least infected or effected people that we could see were children. Looking at them, it seemed they do not develop any kind of severe symptoms similar to the ones which sent adults to hospitals. Most of the adults that suffered from COVID19 struggled for breath and also had many other complications.

Considering this, all we can say is that everything about the COVID19 virus is complexed, hence, kids are no exception. It is said that children do not suffer from serious symptoms but they contribute a lot in the transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

2. People Testing Positive Again After Recovering From COVID19

During the time of the peak COVID19 surge, there were a lot of people who got infected and it was seen that many people who had already recovered from COVID19 still tested positive for weeks. The question is, were they infectious for weeks?

Later, upon studying, it turns out that this specific error was found in the testing kits, not people who were infected. Later for this, the PCR testing was used to eliminate this error.

3. The Lingering After Effects Of This Virus

There is not even a single body part that COVID19 does not leave its fingerprints on. We know this for a very long time that COVID19 has excessive adverse effects on us even if it leaves our body. It can cause a blood clot and can clog our vessels on the way to our hearts. Moreover, it can also cause clotting in our brain and also lungs. Furthermore, heart attacks, strokes, and deadly pulmonary embolisms.
These are the things that can also worry the doctors as these and other health effects will be long-lasting.

4. Accelerated Vaccine Development

All around the world, people are worried as we still do not have a vaccine. The vaccine is the only way to know yet that can protect us against COVID19. As there are works going on all around the world to combat COVID19, an extraordinary amount of progress toward COVID19 vaccines has been made. Several trials have been conducted and many have already entered their 2nd and final phases.

What We Still Don’t Know About It

1. For How Long Are We Protected From Reinfection?

There are many views about this question but no confirm statement has been released yet. According to healthcare professionals, just like other infections, people will confer some immunity against the reinfection of COVID19 as well. But the thing is that no one knows about how long that protection lasts until people start getting Covid-19 again.

2. What If Someone Has Subsequent Infection?

Most of the viruses that are respiratory are not the infections that you can say are “one-and-done” type. The respiratory infections do not have a life-long immunity like other viruses. Considering this, there are chances that people can get infected from COVID19 more than just once.

3. Why Do Some People Get Really Sick And Some Don’t Get Sick At All

In a situation like COVID19, there are sheer chances and outcomes for people who are infected from COVID19. Some are totally asymptomatic, with zero to very mild symptoms. Whereas some people experience symptoms ranging from moderate issues to months-long complications, also resulting in death. These are the things that have got the infectious disease researchers befuddled.

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