Why it’s Crucial to Stay Hydrated in Summers?

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Seventy percent of the human body is made up of water and for all our significant organs to work properly intake of water is vital. In summers due to extra sweating and evaporation, our body tends to lose water more than in winters so it becomes crucial to stay hydrated especially during scorching heat waves. Dehydration during summer can make you feel tired or dizzy and extreme dehydration can lead to some serious complications.

What Dehydration can Do to Your Body?

Dehydration during summer can become crucial. Due to lack of water intake a person can become a victim of following issues:


Some Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated:

In order to stay safe from dehydration, there are some radical steps that a person needs to take. Following are some of the key points to assure staying hydrated especially during summer.

  • Make sure you drink plenty of Water:

For an adult, it’s advisable to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. This will keep you safe from dehydration.

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  • Make it delicious:

Infuse flavors to it. In summers one can add mint, honey, lemon or any favorite ingredient to make it flavorful. This idea will help a person stay hydrated and enjoy yummy drinks at the same time.

  • Reusable water bottles:

Instead of going to the water dispenser again and again always keep and carry reusable water with you during summers. It keeps on reminding a person that he/she has to drink and moreover a person can keep a track of its water intake.

  • Add minerals to your water:

During summer, through sweat not just we lose water content from the body but there is a loss of minerals too. Therefore salt can be infused in water to regain some minerals back. Whereas, ORS can be taken to fulfill the required need of essential minerals.

Dehydration during summers is a serious concern and should be taken seriously. It’s easily manageable, therefore a person shouldn’t lay back and take measures beforehand.

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