Self-Medication Or Self-Destruction? Dangers Of Self-Medication You Haven’t Thought About

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Self-medication is the selection and use of the medicines by the individual or family member of the individual to treat self-recognized or self-diagnosed medical condition. In Pakistan, many people are prone to self-medication. They believe it is the best option because going to the doctor is time-consuming and expensive. However, it is not a good option at all; it does more harm than good and it can be risky and dangerous to your health. To find and consult with the best general physician in Lahore, you can visit

Here are some dangers and risks of self-medication you probably haven’t thought about.

Expired Medications:

Self-medication has a risk of being expired. Almost every medicine has an expiration date that indicates how long this medicine should be taken to ensure safety and effectiveness. Medications that have passed their expiration date are not safe and might not work as effectively as they should. When you take medicines on your own that has expired, you are putting your life in danger by taking the risk of not consulting with a doctor.

Self medication disadvantages
Self-medication disadvantages

You May Take Wrong Medicine:

There are many diseases that are different from each other but share almost same signs and symptoms. Now, if diseases are completely different from each other then how come medicines can be same for the treatment? For proper medication, a proper diagnose of the condition is necessary. Taking self-medications by recognizing the symptoms can be extremely harmful and may increase your complications. You might take the wrong medicines for your medical condition. To get an online consultation with the best general physicians in Karachi, you can visit

Misuse Of Antibiotics:

Antibiotics are prescribed to kill harmful bacteria, but their misuse can have a dangerous effect on your health. Taking antibiotics when you do not have a bacterial infection can lead to many health hazards whereas overuse of antibiotics can result in the development of antibiotic resistance. It is the condition in which bacteria and other microbes change so antibiotics don’t work against them.

Inaccurate Dosages:

The dangers of self-medication might be temporary but it can be life-threatening too when inaccurate dosages are taken. When you estimate your own dosage without having the adequate knowledge about your medical condition, you are at risk for an accidental overdose. On the other hand, if you take a dosage that is too small, it is not likely to be effective and it may make you even sicker. To get an online appointment with the best general physician in Islamabad visit

Self medication disadvantages
Self medication disadvantages

Wrong Combination Of Medicines:

There are some medicines that should not be used together for safety reasons. However, by taking multiple medications on your own, you can put your life at risk. Side effects of combining wrong medicine can cause more complications for you or can cause a massive drop in blood pressure and trigger a heart attack.

It is highly recommended to always consult with the pharmacist and your physician. They can help you to ensure your safety and maintain a good health. Don’t risk the harmful effects of self-medication; consult with the best general physician in Pakistan through

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