Deficiency Of Calcium. Major Symptoms And Treatments Are Here.

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Deficiency of calcium is something that can not only affect your bone but all over the body. One cannot simply get positive and productive if having a deficiency of calcium in the body. There are various reason behind it because purity in the food products is decreasing day by day.
There is a need to get proper knowledge that why 9 out of 10 people have a deficiency in of calcium. This deficiency can create complications in the future. To avoid these complications one must know the symptoms and causes of deficiency of calcium. Here is the account of the causes and symptoms that you must know to avoid future complications.

Major symptoms.

Not all symptoms are for deficiency but there are some major one that must not be ignored because it can even lead toward memory loss and bone breakage as well.

Muscles issues.

Major issue for deficiency is muscles issue. If you are suffering from severe cramps, muscles ache, pain in different part like arms thigh or foot then you must not ignore it at all. It is the major symptom that is more like an alarm for you to get back to healthy living.

Fatigue and Anxiety.

Not all fatigues are for deficiency but if you are feeling continuously fatigue then you must not ignore it. Lack of energy, Lethargy, and extreme fatigue are the symptoms of definite weakness and lack of calcium in the body.

Dental Issues.

Dental issues are very common. Decaying of teeth, pain, gums pain, root canal and delay in children root growth is the major sign that there is lack of calcium. The worst thing about the dental issue is it can create a problem in the digestion of food and disturb the whole immune system.


Yes! Depression can also create the deficiency. Depression is actually caused by many problems so one cannot take it easily. If you are experiencing depression then it is time to visit a psychiatrist for proper medication.


Luckily we can cope up with the deficiency of calcium with natural food. Although it is good to take supplements too but first start it from your kitchen. Here are some food that can bring back all the calcium in your body that you have lost.

    • Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter.
    • Broccoli.
    • Spinach.
    • Beans.
    • Nuts, almonds and seeds.
    • Cereals.

Risk Factors.

Calcium deficiency is nothing to take easy. It can lead towards the worst condition.

    • Fracture.
    • Disability.
    • Fracture.
    • Depression.
    • Seizures.
    • Soreness in Bones.
    • Skin diseases.

Take some time for yourself and consult with the doctor for better health and diet plan before it gets late.

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