Deja Vu: Psychology Behind ‘I Feel This Has Happened Before’

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Walking into a place and thinking I’ve been here before, even though you know you haven’t is a very natural feeling. Though this feeling is quite overwhelming, it disappears just as quickly as it hits you. The eerie feeling of experiencing that scenario before is known as Déjà Vu. Deja Vu is a French word which means explains the idea of “already seen”. Deja Vu can sometimes be an extremely strange and unsettling experience because we all know that logically, we have not experienced this moment before, but our brain keeps telling us otherwise.

Déjà Vu is a very common condition and almost about two-thirds of the people experience the same. Despite it being very common, it is still misunderstood. As there are so many studies about it, a few theories support the fact that it is a “glitch” in the brain.
Want to know more about Deja Vu? Scroll down to know what might be causing it, and when to see your doctor immediately.

Fatigue, Memory, Stress … Stop It!

Experiencing a Deja Vu state means that our brain is functioning very healthily. Experiencing this not always means that it is causing any trouble but it has many reasons behind. The Deja Vu condition usually occurs to those who travel a lot and do not spend the majority of the time in one place. Growing since childhood, it can peak in young adulthood, but for many, this feeling gradually goes away as we age.
Moreover, if you are busy, tired, and a little bit stressed out you’ll also be the one experiencing this situation. This probably happens because fatigue and stress are connected with our memory, eventually with this situation of Deja Vu as well.

Deja Vu Happens More Often If You’re Young

Deja Vu is experienced most at the young age of around 15-25 years. According to the researches, about 60 to 70% of the people report having this condition are youngsters. It is most common in people under the age of 30 because that is considered the age of transitions.

While most of the therapists believe that deja vu will fade away with the age, one should definitely enjoy it when it appears.

This Is A Sign Of Your Brain Functioning

It is actually a good sign, having a deja vu experience shows that the brain’s ability to process memories at different levels and at differing speeds works well. This state further proves that the human brain is amazing and even if it is a glitch, it results in something so extraordinary. Next time you experience it, no matter how eerie it feels, be surprised about how amazing your brain can be.

Do You Travel A Lot?

Deja vu is very commonly experienced by the people who travel and those who can recall their dreams are more likely to experience déjà vu as compared to those who stay at home.

When Should We Be Concerned About It?

Deja Vu usually is not an alarming situation neither it indicates any serious problem but, if you start experiencing it very frequently, you might need to visit a neurologist.

There are chances that it can be a neurological problem when it:

  • Occurs very frequently i.e, frequently in a month when usually it only occurred a few times in a year.
  • It brings along abnormal dream-like memories or visual scenes
  • It makes you lose consciousness, make you fumble, racing of the heart, or brings an extreme feeling of fear

Deja Vu sometimes is a sign of epilepsy and sometimes has also been observed in vascular dementia. It is better to track your situation and get it checked as soon as you experience something abnormal.

Do You Feel Like Talking About It?

It is really important that we talk about what makes us upset because keeping it to ourselves can sometimes prove to be very distressing. Hallucinations, anxiety, or any other thing which upsets you should be talked about. Talk to your family, best friend, or any other person who listens to you well and you feel comfortable in sharing your feelings with. Because the earlier you open about your issues, the easier it becomes to deal with it.

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