Is There a Demon Lingering in Your Bedroom!

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You would sometime hear someone saying they had a strange experience tonight where they became paralyzed in sleep and they felt a heavy weight on their chest. Difficulty in breathing is also experienced by many affected from this. This condition is very disturbing for anyone coming across this. Most people would relate this to the presence of an evil spirit. Actually, this is a sleep disorder called “SLEEP PARALYSIS” which is although not a hazardous condition but is very nerve wracking indeed.

Causes of Sleep Paralysis:

The exact cause of sleep paralysis is not known. Researchers do believe that the basic reason behind this is disruption in rapid eye movement (REM) cycle where a person is falling in to or coming out of sleep. REM is the stage of sleep where brain normally paralyzes human body to avoid it acting out dreams. In case of sleep, paralysis person is awake or half asleep and is aware that he is immobilized.

  • It can have genetic causes as well.
  • Many people who suffer from narcolepsy also suffer from sleep paralysis.
  • There are many theories that support that sleep paralysis is caused by spirits, demons and other supernatural forces.

causes of sleep paralysis

What to Do About it?

Sleep paralysis is an awkward and terrifying condition but sleep specialists and neurologists suggest many at home to-dos to prevent this situation. If you are suffering from any sleep or brain disorders book an appointment today with the best neurologist in Karachi, Lahore and all other main cities of Pakistan via Following tips might be helpful in the prevention of sleep paralysis:

Avoid Sleeping on Back:

Sleep specialists have found that sleeping in supine position has a strong relation with sleep paralysis. Always sleep on your side especially if you have an episode of sleep paralysis.

Talk to Doctor:

If you are seriously affected by sleep paralysis and have other sleep disorders as well seek proper help from a sleep specialist and a mental health expert as well. You can easily find and consult with the best psychologist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities via

Say “NO” to Day Naps:

If you nap in the daytime you are more prone to sleep paralysis. This is not applicable to people who nap on daily basis and have a timely routine of it.
prevention of sleep paralysis

Clear your Sleep Debt:

If you are sleep deprived and the number of hours you missed sleep is high, your risk of sleep paralysis is raised exponentially. Get enough sleep and if you miss sleeping for an hour or two clear your sleep debt by sleeping for long on a weekend.

Sleep paralysis might be an unusual condition to face but there are ways to deal with it. They say never lie to your lawyer and doctor. So always convey your health problems to your physician clearly.

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