Despite Rising Cases, Pakistan Shows Better COVID Recovery Than US, UK, Italy

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As Pakistan is breaking records in the daily COVID reported cases, we have just crossed China too. Every other person is panicking and thinking about what would be the outcome of this situation. Hospitals have run out of space, doctors are giving up and we’re challenging our healthcare to its fullest capacity. Which is upsetting. On the other hand, our people are, not in any case planning to follow the SOPs. Not even trying to wear masks. These irresponsible behaviours are increasing the patient inflow to our hospitals and adding up the excessive burden to our doctors who already are doing much more than their capacity. Amidst these upsetting news, we have something good to highlight here. Which is our COVID recovery percentage. All credits to our healthcare workers, our recovery rate is much better than the other countries.

Pakistan’s Recovery Rate Vs Other Countries

The current state or daily reported cases are alarming but on the other hand, we are getting great numbers in recoveries. Pakistan has yet reported 89,249 in total and out of which 56,213 are active cases and we have suffered 1838 fatalities till now. Considering the stats, we have 31,198 COVID recoveries which make our recovery rate 94% and very better than the US, UK and Italy.

Here’s How

The United States reported a total number of 1,924,591 cases by far, out of which they suffered 110,210 fatalities and 712,436 recoveries, which makes their recovery percentage 87%.

Moreover, if we take a closer look towards Italy’s stats, this is what they say.
The total reported cases in Italy were 234,013, fatalities were 33,689 and their COVID recoveries were 161,895, which makes their recovery rate 83%.

In the light of these stats, provided by, we can clearly see that Pakistan is doing good in terms of recovery. We hope for even better in the future. To make these stats even better and satisfactory, we need to play our part too and that is to stay at home as much as we can.

A Word From Marham

Our healthcare workers and frontline staff are doing a lot more than their capacities and we are not making things easier for them. Violating SOPs and not wearing masks is doing us a lot more damage than we can see and it will get worse if we do not behave responsibly.

Try to stay at homes so we can flatten the curve as soon as possible. Talk to your doctors through and convince your social circle to do the same.

Book your online consultation now by calling at 03111222398 and talk to your doctor through video/audio call.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Be Responsible.

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