Diabetes Type 1, All That You Need to Know About It

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Fighting with diabetes with type 1 is a bit difficult then type 2. A chronic disease that needs your daily attention and diet plan can never be easy for anyone. Right now you have a high sugar level and the other moment it’s low. You cannot eat what you really like. You can get stressed out by even thinking about all these situations. Yes! It may look easy but it is actually not.

Diabetes is more like a slow poison. It is actually decaying your body slowly and realizing its presence every moment. Obviously, it can be controlled but with a lot of efforts. Find out what is the difference between diabetes type 1 and 2. How can you control it? What can be possible risk factors with this disease?

Difference Between Type 1 and 2.

Diabetes that starts at an early age or by birth is type 1. A person has to deal with it for the whole life. Possible cause of this type of hereditary genes. Type 2 diabetes starts from the age of 40 and there are other causes of this type that include stress, poor diet habits, and depression.

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Emotional and Diabetes type 1.

People who are suffering from type 1 diabetes can easily be stressed out and thus their blood sugar level rises immediately. They can often suffer from depression as well. It won’t be wrong to say that they are most emotionally weak. For more guidance, you can get a consultation from the best endocrinologist in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and all cities of Pakistan.

Physical Factors.

In type 1 diabetes, the patient can experience many physical issues. It includes blurry eyes, foot, and muscle cramps, weakness, poor attention, and fatigue. As it has long-lasting effects so when insulin is not controlled in the body it can affect heart, kidneys, and stomach.

How to control diabetes type 1?

Medication for type 1 is only an insulin injection. You can decrease it dose by using a healthy diet and exercise. A good nutritionist and endocrinologist can help you in that case. If you really want to keep your health with diabetes you cannot simply take it easy. Exercise and a healthy diet is the only way.

Risk factors.

  • There are some serious risk factors that can be faced with type 1 patients.
    • Nerves damage
    • Heart issues.
    • Weak eyes vision.
    • Kidney damage.
    • Pregnancy complications.
    • Skin and mouth issues.

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