Dietary Habits That Are Sneakily Making You Fatter

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With the summer season around the corner, you must wonder if you could hide your extra fat bulging out from everywhere. With no more coats to hide into and no more baggy sweats to blame your big size on, you must be worried about losing all the extra weight, you gained by eating gajjar ka halva with Kashmiri chaye. Well, the halva is not the only thing to put the blame on, there are other habits making you fatter, too.

Now that you have realized that you need to lose weight you should also realize that aesthetics is the last thing that weight destroys. It ruins your body and messes up with your mind. The ill implications of weight gain and obesity exacerbate its effects on looks only. So even if you have decided to lose weight already, give your decision and efforts the right direction.

Many try their hands on weight loss but most of them fail. If you think that switching from white bread to bran bread will remove all your fat in a day? I don’t know which world you are living in. Weight loss requires effort, persistence, and a proper plan. If any of the components remains missing, you can wave your dreams goodbye. Simple mistakes can hamper your weight loss efforts and cause you to gain weight instead.

Before starting your weight loss efforts you should know that every person is different. Much like fingerprints, every person is born with a different body type. Your friend losing weight on a diet doesn’t guarantee your weight loss with the same diet. This is not to scare you away but to prepare you for what’s to come. But I have good news too. Everyone can lose weight but at their own pace.

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Habits Making You Fatter

There are various habits that are making you fatter. A lot of these you already know and are likely to leave. Everybody knows that eating fried foods and drinking colas will make you fat. But little do people know that there are other dietary habits that make you fat, like eating too much fruit and drinking diet coke.

You Are Eating Fat-Free Food Leads To Fat-Free Body

If you are doing a merry dance after ordering a subway instead of KFC, STOP! you still haven’t started your journey towards health. Although it is a big step and is much appreciated, it’s not all you needed to do. You need to leave a lot more than fat. In fact, you don’t need to cut out fat at all. Diets like keto allow you to eat more fat and still lose weight.

So simply excluding fat will not do much for you, the one thing it will assure is the increase in hunger, as fat digestion suppresses the hormone that makes us feel hungry (ghrelin) and releases chemicals which make us feel full. Fat is also required for the normal functioning of the brain, heart, skin and for the absorption of many vitamins. A balanced amount of fat can lower the ‘need’ to have more food.

You Are Eating Too Much Good Food

A calorie surplus always guarantees weight gain, no matter what kind of food you are eating. So, if you are continuously munching on granola bars in hopes of losing weight, STOP! Such things can be the biggest culprit of hindering your weight loss efforts. The green and brown packaging and claims like “whole wheat” and “fiber-rich” are likely to lure you into buying these. Little do you know that these are loaded with sugars and by saying fiber-rich they never promised weight loss but made you think like that.

So the next time you are out, getting groceries, avoid buying these apparently healthy snacks and go for less processed natural foods, that too in limited quantities.

You Are Eating Absolute Junk With Exercise

“I will have a slice of pizza and burn it in the gym. ” Is this something you find yourself saying a lot? If yes you need not look further to find the cause of your weight gain. There is no way you can burn everything you eat in the gym. You can only wish, that burning calories would be as easy as taking them.

You have to exercise for 43 minutes to burn just a quarter slice of pizza. So, going to the gym doesn’t give you the license to eat everything and anything, to stop gaining weight you will have to limit your calorie intake. This is not to undermine the importance of proper exercise, coupled with a diet proper exercise can help you in getting a perfect body. 

You Are Chugging Down Diet Sodas

Diet sodas can be your only way to curb your cravings, when on a diet. But regular consumption of these can hinder your weight loss efforts and lead to weight gain. All packaged foods are loaded with sodium. Too much sodium is responsible for water retention and bloating in your body. Moreover, diet sodas can increase your cravings for calorie-rich and sugary foods. If you are worried about your growing belly, pure water, black coffee, and green tea are your best bet.

A Final Word

You don’t have to look any further than your plate or your pregnancy reports to find the reason behind your growing belly. But in some cases, the reason can lie in your medical reports too. Weight gain is not always because of your habits that make you fatter, it can be a side effect of some serious underlying condition or a medicine you are taking. So it is best to consult a nutritionist, to help yourself in finding a cause behind you getting fatter and devise a proper treatment for it.

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