4 Diet Habits That Are Making you Fatter!

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With Shadi season right around the corner, you must be wondering if you could hide the bulges from the side of the stomach. Diet must be the easy alternative. But while focused on trimming down the bellies, you end up adopting habits that will take you on the other side of the healthy wagon.

Myth 1: Fat-free food leads to fat-free bodies?

Low-fat diets lead to obesity and diabetes. Surprising right? Fat is required for the normal functioning of the brain, heart, skin and for the absorption of many vitamins.

Fats are also good for dieting. Fat digestion suppresses the hormone that makes us feel hungry (ghrelin) and releases chemicals which make us feel full.

A balanced amount of fat can lower the ‘need’ to have more food.

Myth 2: Energy bars power weight loss?

-Processed food ruin the diet because they are very easily absorbed by our bodies.

-They make our stomach lazy and save extra energy.

-Raw or whole foods use a lot of energy to digest and this is how the stored food inside our body is used up and causes a rapid loss of weight.

Myth 3: You can eat whatever you want, as long as you exercise?

-The amount of exercise required to a single pound is much more than a normal person can do in their lifetime if he doesn’t rethink his diet.

-Simple exercise coupled with better diet can help in maintaining weight and moderating your appetite.

Myth 4: Diet sodas are effective weight-loss tools?

Drinks with artificial sweeteners cause more weight gain than conventional drinks with sugar. They increase the cravings for calorie-dense foods. Hence, the best drink to pull you through diet is water or better yet, green tea!

Correction in dietary habits can have a long-lasting and positive influence on your lives. Exercise, eat greens and slurp fresh, fruit juices and lose belly fat fast!

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