Are You Dieting or Slowly Poisoning Yourself?

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Meet Wazzah. Our IT guy. With the huge mass of his brain, and the complex networks it makes all day (about how to ditch work and crawl back in his bed, obviously just kidding!), his body is borderline malnourished and possibly underdeveloped.Or may be did some dieting to have the “perfect body image”?

But don’t be fooled. He is the perfect example of the idiom: “What glitters is not gold”. My version of which is: “All that seems unfit is not unfit”.

For every body type, there is a different BMI that is considered healthy for it and specific diet changes could cause different changes for everyone. Besides, what are the perfect body images? The fashion magazines have skewed our perceptions greatly,and we will be fool to believe that zero-sized dresses were made for all of us!

So are you letting your body guide you through weight loss or are you poisoning what good remains of you? About time to stop harming your body from the short-term dieting hacks, and adopting life-long healthy lifestyle habits.

1. What Matters As Your Weight-Loss Goals You Should Consider Before Dieting?

Waking up on a fine morning with the goal of losing weight to fit into prettier dresses for this wedding season isn’t exactly a pragmatic nor a measurable goal.

What would be better instead of dieting is to plan to NOT:

  • Consume fizzy drinks or sodas.
  • Consume processed white sugar.
  • Consume processed chicken and its products.

There is a reason our elders consumed Honey and Desi chicken (cooked in whatever form one likes at home) and live long healthy lives. Diary animals today are only bloated using hormonal injections (except for at selected few farms) which become part of our bodies and wreak havoc. Especially by messing up natural menstrua cycles in women. Increasing number of cases have been reported for women diagnosed with PCOs in the last few years compared to last decades.

Set up measurable goals including:

  • Doing exercises/walking for 30 minutes every day (increasing in strength and challenge).
  • Eating fresh vegetables with every meal.
  • Eating one portion of protein with every meal.

2. What Does Your Body Needs Instead Of Starving Or Short-term Dieting Plans?

Our built and lifestyle dictates that while we all are largely classified as human beings, we are all unique in our needs. A mazdoor (laborer) requires a diet rich in carbs to produce the extra energy to lift heavy bricks through 10 floors during construction. But a content writer much like me would obviously swell up like a balloon on the same type of diet.

The first thing on way of losing weight would be to identify the needs to of your lifestyle and the current habits which might be exploiting your body. Such an analysis can help you optimize your calorie counter and the foods you should be taking on a regular basis.

Your calorie counter must never hit below a standard value of 1200. As long as you are having a balanced meal containing a bit of carb, proteins, fats and all the essential vitamins and meeting the counter value, you are on the highway towards a healthy lifestyle.

Stop overdriving your body and meet its need according to that is important for you!

3. Commit To A Life Of Health!

No results are achieved overnight. A persistent effort towards standardizing and optimizing your eating and exercising habits can lead to a healthier life. And healthy weight loss! It is perfectly normal to be frustrated to not experience weight loss at quite the pace you expect after giving up all the sugarlicious eateries or junk food items that you knew since as long as you remember.

All good things happen at the right time and stay forever. Believe and continue striving. Start living for yourself, the healthier you, the perfect image of you in YOUR mind 🙂


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Norin Chaudhry