Disadvantages Of Cashew Nuts You Should Know!

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Are you the one who anxiously wait for winters to enjoy the dry fruits? And you can’t stop your hand while munching the crunchy-salty nuts? Stop! And think for a while, are these nuts healthy in eating large amounts? Especially in the case of cashews-that are basically seeds but mistakenly known as nuts. You should spend 2 minutes reading this article to know the disadvantages of cashew nuts.

But as we all know, nature has made everything with benefits. But it is up to you that how you consume or use anything for your benefit. Cashews also have a lot of advantages like other nuts and dry fruits. Their use is common in more cold regions. They are full of proteins and unsaturated fats.

Here are some advantages of Cashew nuts:

Cashew benefits for male

Cashews are a rich source of zinc. And zinc increase the blood flow towards the male sexual organs. Hence improving the sex life. They also help in gaining muscles. They prevent prostate cancer in men. And they boost testosterone production.

Benefits of cashew nuts for fertility

Cashews like other nuts are full of vitamins and minerals. Selenium and zinc are very helpful in increasing fertility. In addition to it, nuts like cashew also control your blood sugar levels as they are rich in fibers. So this also increases fertility.

Cashew nuts benefits for female

Cashews’ high content of magnesium and protein is very beneficial in pregnancy. Their use in pregnancy is good for pregnant women and unborn child.

Cashew benefits for skin

They are full of protein that’s why they are good for your skin. You can eat them to get the skin-related benefits or you can apply topically to see the results.

For getting healthy and glowing skin, soak cashews in a cup of milk overnight and grind it in the morning and mix a small amount of Multani Mitti, lemon, or curd and apply it on the face.

Benefits of cashew nuts for brain

Cashews are rich in magnesium. And magnesium is good for your brain’s health. They have natural anti-depressant properties. That’s why they are good to relieve your stress.

Now if you start eating cashews in large amounts after reading these benefits, you will be in trouble. Because an excess of everything is bad for your health. And cashew nuts side effects can be seen if you eat them in large amounts daily.

Disadvantages of cashew nuts:

  • They increase your weight as they are rich in fats and proteins.
  • An increase in blood pressure is one of its side effects, as cashews are rich in sodium
  • They can cause allergies in people who are allergic to other nuts.
  • They can show drug interactions as they are rich in magnesium. So taking medicines like antibiotics can be troublesome with cashews.
  • People who have migraine-like issues may face some problems while consuming cashews. As cashews have amino acids phenylethylamine and tyramine, that can cause very bad headaches.
  • They can also disturb your stomach when eaten in large amounts.

Here are some important FAQs related to cashews.

What are the side effects of eating too many cashews daily?

They increase your weight and blood pressure. They may also disturb your stomach. So eating too many cashews daily can be harmful

Are cashews good for fertility?

Yes, they are good for fertility in both males and females.

Are cashews good for diabetes?

Yes, cashews increase insulin levels. That’s why cashews are beneficial for diabetic patients.

What are the disadvantages of cashew nuts?

As mentioned above, they can cause allergies, headaches, high blood pressure, stomach issues, and weight gain.

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