Discover 5 Benefits of Collagen Consumption

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You have been listening to all the hype about collagen. It is present in everything now from creams, serums to pills and powders. This may be some of the few instances where all this hype is warranted.

So what collagen is actually? It is a protein that is found abundantly in your body and is present in your muscles, skin, blood, ligaments, and bones. So an extra helping of it may help you in several ways. Some of the vital functions of collagen include:

    • Promoting elasticity of skin
    • Giving strength to bones and ligaments
    • Protection of vital organs
    • Holding bones muscles togetherCollagen is produced inside the body on regular basis to carry out all these pivotal activities. But its production comes to screeching halt as you age or indulge in activities like smoking, excessive sun exposure, and malnutrition. Some disease conditions are also known to hamper collagen production.

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5 Specific Benefits of Increased Collagen Consumption:

Here are some perks that you can obtain if you up your collagen consumption:

Relief from Joint Aches:

As you age you might start feeling your joints stiff and achy. Upping your collagen intake can dissolute these symptoms and may offer relief from arthritis as well. You should consult the best orthopedic specialist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city to know more about proper usage of collagen for your specific condition. A research showed 40% decrease in symptoms of arthritis in patients who took collagen supplements.

Anti-aging Effects:

Collagen is most celebrated for sake of its anti-aging effects. It promotes glowing vibrant skin. Book an appointment with the best cosmetologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via and attain youthful skin. A research concluded that use of collagen can make skin elastic and supple in one month and it can reduce wrinkles if used for eight weeks regularly.
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Promotes Muscle Mass:

Collagen is a big component of muscle tissues is walloped by none when it comes to building muscles. It can help age-related muscle wasting and people who want to burn more fats and build muscles. Contact with the best nutritionist in Lahore, Karachi or any other city of Pakistan to have a proper diet plan tailored to your needs.

An antidote for Cellulite:

Besides being promoting skin elasticity it also detracts cellulite appearance. Taking collagen can significantly improve skin appearance and waviness in people affected with cellulite.

Good for Gut Health:

Collagen is present in gut tissues as well. It may help in conditions like irritative bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome and can foster better gut health. To address any gastrointestinal issues visit and find the best gastroenterologists in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities. A healthy gut is essential to the healthy body.

In our daily diet, we might miss out on many vital nutrients. Taking a balanced diet and maintaining it is essential for supporting healthy body and mind.

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