Do All The Typhoid Recoverers Lose Their Hair?

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There are many diseases in the world we are not aware of. In previous decades, there were diseases that could easily cost us our lives. Vaccines and treatments were not available, once a person fell ill, people were ready to let go of them as there was no other option available. Similarly, typhoid is one of those diseases. In the early and mid-’90s when a person was diagnosed with typhoid, everyone already knew it was time to say goodbye to them. Typhoid is no more fatal as we have got plenty of treatments and also, a vaccine for it but it is still as upsetting as it ever was.

Do you want to know more about what typhoid is and what are the serious complications it tags along? If YES, You should keep scrolling!!

Know More About Typhoid

Typhoid is a fever that happens as a result of a serious bacterial infection. This bacterial infection is spread through contaminated water and food. Typhoid not only brings in high fever, but also severe abdominal pains, headache, and loss of appetite.

This infection was once considered fatal but now, it can be treated through different antibiotic medicines. With proper treatment, most people recover very well and quickly. On the other hand, if this condition is left untreated, it can lead to life-threatening complications.

Moreover, there’s a condition that is also associated with typhoid and that is hair loss. The hair loss which is related to typhoid is unpreventable but, the hair can grow back in no time if it is treated with proper diet and hair care after the illness.

Here Is What Happens In Typhoid

Typhoid itself is a very troubling condition but what happens apart from that high fever is what upsets us the most. Moreover, at the time of typhoid, the medications that you are given with leaves us with many other issues that are not immediately treatable.

Following are the conditions that you might experience while you suffer from typhoid:

  • Most of the patients start experiencing diarrhea at the time of typhoid fever. It does flush out bacterias but also flushes out the essential nutrients that bring us energy.
  • Fever can hit up to 105 F and it keeps increasing and decreasing. Typhoid’s major symptom is inconsistent fever.
  • Constant Headaches
  • A person starts experiencing excessive weakness and fatigue
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Dry Cough/ Dry throat
  • Immediate Weight Loss and Loss of Appetite
  • Skin Irritation/ Rash
  • Patient’s Abdominal Area Gets Swollen
  • A Person Become Delirious and Loses Their Senses
  • Lie dull and exhausted with eyes half-closed. Also known as the typhoid state
  • In addition, life-threatening complications if not attended properly
  • If a person is not attended properly or keeps ignoring the symptoms they might return up to two weeks after the fever has subsided.

Do All The People Suffer From Typhoid Hair loss Or Is It Just Me?

During the time of typhoid, the doctors prescribe a lot of antibiotics that are used to flush out the harmful bacteria from our intestine. Diarrhea which a patient experiences during typhoid takes out all the essential nutrients that are vital for the growth of the hair. So, this is a common thing experienced by all the people who are suffering from typhoid, and not only you, all of us out there have suffered from hair loss after typhoid. I lost 80% of my hair and realized it too late that I should have consulted a dermatologist way before.

The problem we experience in our intestinal tract during typhoid flushed out vitamins which include biotin too. Biotin is an ingredient that is responsible for the hair growth and thickness of our hair. It is recommended by the dermatologists that you immediately start consuming multivitamin tablets after typhoid.

Easy Ways To Get Your Hair Back After Typhoid

The hair fall that we experience during typhoid can be easily dealt with at home. There are some good remedies and a proper eating routine that can help us recover from the strong adverse effects of typhoid on our body. The patients who suffer from Typhoid feel extremely weak once the treatment ends. Some of these remedies that are mentioned here can revitalize our body and provide our hair with the nutrients they require to grow.

Here is what you can do!


After a person has recovered from typhoid, it is important that they are given an excellently nutritious diet so they can recover quickly and regain all that energy they’ve lost. A typhoid recoverer should consume leafy, green vegetables, juicy fruits like orange and sweet lemon, soya, yogurt, lentils, whole grains, and egg. Adding these will help them get back to their energy quickly.

Oiling Hair:

Haircare should be a priority for a person who has just recovered from typhoid. Along with a good diet, external nourishment is equally important. The moisture of coconut oil, castor oil, and sesame oil is to be made and applied daily on hair at least an hour before bath as a home remedy for hair loss due to typhoid.

Using Hair Mask:

A homemade hair mask can be applied once or twice a week for more nourishment and better cleansing of hair. The mask is to be made with one egg, milk, castor oil, olive oil, green tea, gooseberry, and chamomile. It should be kept for 1-2 hours before cleansing with a mild shampoo.

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