Do Easy Facial At Home On This Eid!

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Do you have some fancy plans for Chand Raat this Eid? Are you planning to go to a salon for a relaxing facial? Are you craving to have a professional facial as you don’t know how to do a facial at home?

If you are considering the coming Eid holidays as a chance to hang out with friends and family members, you are absolutely WRONG!

The situation of the COVID19 pandemic is getting worse day by day. Our government is doing the best for us by imposing restrictions and SOPs during the Eid holidays. Now, it’s up to us that how we contribute to breaking the chain of coronavirus spread. And for this, we should stay at home as much as we can during the next few days.

Eid-ul-fitar is a religious festival and we all want to celebrate it wholeheartedly. We want to doll up in pretty dresses with fancy accessories. And to make us look complete, it is important to have light makeup on glowing skin.

Having bright unblemished skin is a dream of every woman. But now it’s easy to fulfil your dream. You can make your skin glow on this Eid with simple home remedies and products while staying at your home. And for this you don’t need to go out to purchase expensive facial kits, rather you can do your facial with some ingredients that are easily available in your kitchens. So for doing facial at home, you know its easy steps and products you need for it.

The major steps of facial are;

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliating
  3. Massaging
  4. Steaming
  5. Put a Mask
  6. Moisturizing and toning your skin

Easy Facial At Home:

The best time to do your own facial at home is nighttime. As your skin is more relaxed and in repairing mode at nighttime. Following are the tips to do facial at your home with simple home remedies and products.

1. Create A Relaxing Atmosphere:

To have a good facial at home, you need to make a relaxing atmosphere around you. Take a deep breath and relax your body muscles. Try to be alone in silence and lit some scented candles to relax your mind.

Then prepare your home remedies and products. Place 2-3 soft face towels near your products for cleaning your wet face.

2. Cleanse Your Skin:

First of all, wash your face with water and clean all the dirt or oil from your skin. Apply aloe vera gel OR honey on your face and gently massage on your face and neck. Both of these natural products are full of healthy vitamins and minerals that are great for your skin. Wash your face or use a wet towel to clean your face and neck.

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3. Exfoliate Your Dead Skin:

There are a lot of homemade scrub recipes out there. You can google them according to your skin type. Here I am sharing a perfect scrub for the normal skin type that is made up of honey, aloe vera gel, and sugar.

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and apply to your face. Gently massage your face for few minutes. This scrub will help to remove all the dead cells from your skin and give a natural glow to your skin.

4. Do Massage:

You can use coconut oil for massaging on your face if you have a normal skin type. It is rich in vitamin E and removes dark spots from your face. Massage for 10-12 minutes this oil on your face. The massaging technique should be in a position to lift up your face muscles. (In upward direction on your cheeks and neck)

5. Take Steam:

After massaging your face, take steam on your face to open your clogged pores. And immediately clean the black and whiteheads from your nose and chin.

6. Put A Mask:

Your mask should ready in your hand. As the mask helps to close the open pores of your skin. For making a good mask for your face you need turmeric, gram flour, milk, and honey. Take 2 tablespoons of gram flour, add one teaspoon of turmeric, one teaspoon of honey and little amount of milk to make a thick paste.

Apply this mixture to your face and neck. Let it dry on your face naturally and then wash your face afterward. This mask provides you a natural glow, moisturizer, and minimizes your open pores.

7. Apply The Toner:

The best toner for your skin is rose water. Spray some rose water on your skin after removing the mask. It will tone your skin and shrink the open pores.

8. Moisturize Your Soft Skin:

To moisturize your skin with natural ingredients, you need aloe vera gel and almond oil. Mix equal proportion of both of them in a bowl, and apply on your face like a lotion. Let your skin absorb this moisturizer. It will make your skin soft and bright.

And you are DONE with your facial at home and ready to rock in your Eid dress with glowing skin.

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