Do Not Believe In These 6 Myths About COVID19

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Since January 2020, we have heard a lot more about COVID19 than we have heard of anything else. Various studies, various researches and so many views by the doctors have left us very confused. In that case, many misconceptions take place and people are forced to believe in the misleading information that they receive.

During this time there were a lot of myths surfacing about the precautionary measures and whether if COVID19 exists or not. But, here’s the reason why not to believe in these COVID19 myths.

1. It Is No Danger To Health

As we all heard a lot about this virus not being very ‘Fatal’. In all the months that have passed this virus has proved to be great to health. It is dangerous for both who show symptoms and the ones who do not show any symptoms at all.

2. COVID19 Is Not Fatal

It is said that the virus is not fatal and is also portrayed with exaggeration. This opinion is very incorrect because COVID19 by now, have a large number of deaths even if the percentage seems low.

3. It Is A Regular Flu

COVID19 is considered as flu but according to the experts, the two diseases differ greatly. It is because the ones who get flu do not need to be hospitalized unlike in COVID19 infection. Also, the consequences might differ such as difficulty in breathing and the loss of smell.

4. Herd Immunity Will Save Us

Another myth that did not quite make sense was that we are close to achieving herd immunity. But, that is not true as to achieve herd immunity, approximately 70 percent of the population should be infected and recovered in order to become immune. Which puts us at great risk.

5. Social Distancing Will Weaken Our Immune System

We have heard that social distancing will weaken our immune system. It can not be very true because avoiding people who are sick has been something that humans have done for centuries.

6. Masks Are Harmful

Lastly, it is said that masks pose a greater risk than the benefits it brings to us. But the experts recommend wearing them because they are quite effective in curbing the spread of infection. Experts say that they haven’t witnessed any decline in the level of oxygen.

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