Do You have a Birth Mark?

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The process of Birthmark removal is getting very common with the ingenious use of multiple laser treatments. Birthmarks, those which are vascular and pigmented can be significantly reduced and even totally removed. Mostly, birthmarks are harmless and painless, but it is implicit that how self-conscious and uncomfortable they can make you feel especially those on the face. Read on, for the skin scar and birthmark removal techniques that usually removes the marks in just 3 to 7 birthmark removal treatments!

What is a Birthmark?

The birthmark is a pigmented mark on or under the skin that has been there since birth. It varies in size, shape and color. Some marks are smooth, and some are rough and raised. Albeit, birthmarks are not medically proven to be harmful. However, to be extra safe, it is important to have a clinical check-up of your birthmarks, especially if there are rapid changes in their appearance.

Categories of Birthmark:

Categorically, birthmarks are distinguished into 2 main groups:

Pigmented Birthmarks:

Pigmented birthmark contains too much melanin. They usually appear on the face, torso, buttocks or legs. These birthmarks are present at birth, or appear shortly after birth, and do not disappear with age. They are typically flat and smooth, oval in shape and light brown or a bit darker in color.

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Vascular Birthmarks:

Vascular Birthmarks appear as patches of red skin caused by the presence of abnormal or high concentration of blood vessels that are bunched together and do not grow normally. Vascular lesions include stork bite, strawberry and port wine stain birthmarks. These birthmarks are irregular in shape & size, may range from pale pink to wine-red in color, and gets thicken and darken over time. However, stork bite and strawberry birthmark stabilize and eventually diminishes in size by the age 10.

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Birthmark Laser Removal Treatment:

Nevertheless, most birthmarks are harmless and do not require treatment, they are only removed for cosmetic reasons. Birthmark removal treatments include oral or injected steroids, lasers or IPL, and surgery. The method will generally depend on the type and characteristics of the birthmark.

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How Does It Work?

The light energy in the laser treatment is finely focused on the birthmark, passing cautiously through the translucent top layers of the skin to heat the underlying blood vessels that help to evoke the birthmark. When the laser light hits the red color of the birthmark, the light is absorbed and its energy released as heat. The heat breaks or singes the small vessels under the skin, which degenerates, leaving the lightened color skin. This non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary treatment destroys the vascular capillaries without any significant damage to the overlying skin.

Closing Thought:

Every human being rightfully aspires to look good in a youthful and spotless way.” A doctor at Marham comprehends flawless imaginative vision and best technological advancements in dermatology to enhance the natural exquisite beauty of your skin. There are many laser systems used to treat birthmarks. However, No laser is the answer to every problem or skin type. Expert dermatological diagnosis and correct assessment are important.

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