Don’t Let Depression Isolate you

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Depression is not just a disease it is a state in which a person is helpless. It is real. I have seen many people suffering from it. The worst form of depression is crying for hours and hours, not talking to anyone for long not even with a single person, eating like there is no tomorrow or no hunger at all.

I have seen people suffering from it and they are also unable to share because of lack of support. There are some most common situations that can lead you toward depression. Every other person is facing these issues and situations. We all are good at hiding it. But we cannot deny it. I know you are eager to know your issues so just keep reading.

Relationships and Heartache:

I can’t explain a proper word but this trend is getting so viral. Young people are experiencing breakups and later suffers from depression. This depression increases day by day due to isolation and memories. Our generation is very intolerant and ends up in despair. So dear! You have to be your own savior and have to move on before it takes you to the darkness of severe depression.


We are the generation that does not want to fail at all. We are actually afraid of failure. All we want is get successful just at once. But no one can succeed in such a way. It rarely happens. The success after failure is actually beautiful. So do not lose hope and get in depression. Just wait for the right time and things will get better.

Family Support:

Family support is real happiness. If your family is not supporting, you can face serious problems. People will use you for their own purpose. This can put you in depression and anxiety. It’s my humble request to parents that they must stay interactive with their kids and support them.

Depression is common but you have to face it with courage. It’s okay to be depressed and cry. But once you are done crying do not cry for the same reason ever again.

Few Most Popular Psychologist:

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