Do You Know: How Intestinal Cancer Spreads In Blood?

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Cancer is itself is a terrible and haunting word. The health condition that relates to this word is extremely deadly and challenging as well. God forbids every one of us to hear this word at any stage of our lives. The fear of this disease is understandable but still, it is important to know everything about it because Awareness is a key to overcome any disease. You might have no idea but there are more than 100 kinds of cancer. One of them is intestinal cancer. Early diagnosis and treatment can help you to survive cancer and for this, you can visit, where you can find and consult with the best oncologist in Lahore.

Small Intestine Cancer Is a Rare Disease

The small intestine is a part of your digestive system, which also includes the esophagus, stomach, and large intestine. Small intestine folds many times to fit in the stomach because it is a large tube that connects the stomach to the large intestine. Small intestine cancer is a rare disease, which may block the flow of food and affect digestion. To get early treatment and online consultation with the best oncologist in Islamabad, you can visit

Sign And Symptoms:

The symptoms of intestinal cancer are often vague and difficult to diagnose. Some of the possible and most commons symptoms are:

  • Abdominal pain (pain in the belly)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue (feeling tired)
  • Bloody or dark color stools
  • Lump in the abdomen
  • Low red blood cells count
  • Yellow skin and eyes
Intestinal cancer
Intestinal cancer

How It Spreads To The Blood?

When the cancer cells go into the blood vessels, they can then spread into the bloodstream. In intestinal cancer, sometimes a tumor will begin bleeding into the digestive tract. If the bleeding is moderate, then after some time it could prompt a low red blood cells count (anemia). Manifestations of anemia incorporate fatigue and weakness. In the event that the bleeding is fast, the stool can become dark and dawdle from digested blood, and the individual may feel dazed or even pass out. You really don’t have to waste your time in search of a specialist, you can simply visit, where you can find and consult with the best oncologist in Karachi.

Intestinal cancer
Intestinal cancer

For now, there is no cure for cancer but a healthy lifestyle can increase the survival rate. Of course, the prognosis is very much important and if you have any health-related issue, have them checked by your doctor.

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