Do You Know these Perks of Flaxseeds?

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Flaxseeds (Alsi) is the oldest super food mankind knows. This not very impressive looking grain has magical effects on improvement of health and against diseases. This can be your one-man army against heart damage, better hair health, lowering cholesterol and for the never-ending fight against fat. Read on to know more about it and why you should make flaxseeds a part of your diet.

Nutritional Facts:

Flaxseeds are the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids. These also contain lignans and minerals like magnesium, manganese etc. they are a storehouse of fiber, protein and vitamin B1.

Cardiac Health:

Omega-3 fatty acids are also found abundantly in flaxseeds which are heart friendly in many ways. These lower cholesterol levels in the blood, prevent hardening of arteries and also help to treat cardiac arrhythmias. If you have any issue regarding cardiac, You can find and consult the best heart specialist in Karachi or other cities of Pakistan using

Natural Hormones:

Flaxseeds contain lignans. These are very powerful antioxidants. These have estrogenic properties. Consumption of these by women in menopause is also effective. These also help to protect bone health, heart, and other organs. Use of this superfood can also limit hot flashes occurrence to half.

Gluten-Free Properties:

Flaxseeds boost gluten-free properties. These can be beneficial for people with celiac disease and gluten allergy. These have anti-inflammatory properties. People with auto-immune disorders can also add these to diet.

Digestion Aid:

The fiber in flaxseeds is digestion-friendly. It also regulates digestive health. These also increase nutrient absorption from food via intestines. Flaxseed is found to support detoxification of colon and aid fat loss. They also hamper sugar cravings. If you have stomach problems Marham can help you to find and consult stomach doctor in Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan.

Power House of Magnesium:

Deficiency of magnesium causes cramps, muscle soreness, and fatigue. Magnesium is present in flaxseed in an abundant amount. Intake of magnesium means better muscle health.
Flaxseeds also have a tendency to fight breast cancer. These also inhibit tumor incidence and growth. Add flaxseed to your diet and reap all these super healthy benefits instantly.

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