Do You know what Is Sauna Therapy And How It Can Help You?

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What is the sauna?

Sauna is not just a therapy. These days it is used as a remedy for so many issues. Now the question is what is actually sauna therapy? It is a spa room heated under a specific temperature that is 70 to 100 Celsius or 158 to 212 Fahrenheit.

This therapy allows the body to sweat and thus repair the body muscles. Gradually the skin temperature rises and so the sweating as well. Now it is time to know a little more what are the types and benefits of sauna therapy. For all other therapies, you can also book an appointment with the best Hijama therapist in Pakistan from

Types of sauna therapies.

Here are the types of sauna therapy and the method use for heat. These include.

Wood burning.

In this type of woods are used to heat up the room. These woods are low in humidity but high in temperature.

Electrically heated.

Electric heaters are used to heat up the room. Similar to wood-burning this type is also low in humidity and temperature.

Steam room.

As it is obvious from its name that steam is used in this therapy. This type is highly humid and moist.

Benefits of sauna therapy.

Sauna therapy has endless benefits and it is always good to include this therapy in a rough and tough life. Let’s put light on some of the benefits.

Reduce the stress level.

If you are really stressed out because of hectic routine, workload and unpredictable social life then you must go for this therapy because it helps in relaxing body and mind. As it improves blood circulation so ultimately lead to well-being.

Cardiac health.

Healthy heart is a pathway to healthy life. This therapy not only increases blood circulation but also helps in the reduction of fats in the body. Sometimes because of food and unhealthy lifestyle our heart gather lots of fats around it. Ultimately it ruins the health of the whole body.


Sauna therapy gives your skin glow and helps in removal of acne as well. As the blood circulates from head to toe it nourishes your skin and gives a glow.

There are many other benefits of sauna therapy. Just take out time and give yourself a wonderful experience.

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