Do You Know Why You Should Not Hold On Pee?

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Today I’m going to discuss common yet ignored problem many of us face. It took my attention when I visit one of my aunty and there was a smell in her room. Being a courteous person I haven’t ask her that what’s the matter but deep inside I was curious. After getting relaxed in a conversation she told me that it’s her adult kid that has a habit of bedwetting.

She added up that he has a habit of not letting out the urine for so long so that he ended up with bedwetting. Later I researched about what can be the possible consequences of holding on the urine and I came to know some really horrible facts. Here I’m sharing those hurdles you can face by holding on the pee other than bed-wetting.

Kidney disorder.

Hold on pee is not a good thing at all. It can cause kidney disorders like a kidney stone, swelling, and kidney damage as well. This situation can get worse if not treated on time with some best urologist as soon as possible. Urine is the acidic material of body so if you are holding it then it can cause severe infection really soon.

Urinary retention.

It is the ability to not letting the bladder fully empty. You will face a hard time in urination if you are holding it for long. It can also cause pain and disturbance in the urinary tract. Especially in pregnant women must not hold the urine because it can create complications.


Urinary tract infection can also cause through not letting the urine out. Although it is not the major reason that causes UTI it is one of the reasons that can be the cause. If you are facing any infection then you must not take it for granted and must consult with a good urologist in Islamabad or any other city of Pakistan from

Enlarged Prostrate.

This is a common trouble in men these days. Holding urine is not the reason for one disease. It can actually cause multiple diseases. It can also affect sexual life as well.

Try not to hold pee because it can cause long-term troubles. Get yourself in ease as soon as possible.

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