Donate Red, Spread Green, and Save Blue Because It’s Your Mother Land.

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Look back. NO! Not at your back. Look back on history. Can you observe something? No? Let me explain. Look back into the history that how this beautiful country came into being. “PAKISTAN is all about sacrifices, bloodshed, and hard work”. This young full of enthusiasm generation might be putting 100% effort but the effort done by our ancestors was speechless.

Each day of struggle that made by our ancestors has inspiring stories that can motivate us for a better future. All we need to do is to look back and appreciate. Also, appreciate those who are serving you day and night “DOCTORS” definitely. After appreciating we will surely learn “3 LESSONS”. Donate Red, Spread Green, and Save Blue.

Spread Green


Surely, you won’t want to vain the efforts made by LEADERS, THINKERS and HEALTH SPECIALIST. These were the people who donated their life and vision for the future of this nation. When a country really wants to progress it must keep recalling the agenda of their ancestors. We need to stop thinking about our weaknesses and start promoting our strength. Healthy Pakistan is ultimately progressive Pakistan. Let’s just recall our agenda.

Donate Red

Here donate red doesn’t only means that donate blood. It means that do something that can save humanity and fellow men. Do something that makes you feel satisfied daily. Small deeds can make big changes. These changes are for nation building and health. A healthy nation is just like a fine road map toward progress. When you are thinking to donate red you can get help with a good hematologist too.

Spread Green

Green is the color that soothes your eyes. Green is the color of our victory and our flag. Spread green and enhance the beauty of this country. Plant tree and gift it to the next generation so that they keep reminding the good efforts of every decade.

Save Blue

Save the blue before it gets too late. When there will be less water how can we remain hydrated? Healthy life is directly linked with water. Save it because the situation is getting critical day by day. While saving water also make sure that your daily intake of water is also important and for this purpose, you can choose the best nutritionist for best advice.
Pakistan is not the effort of a single person. So the collective effort is always here. Unite hands to make difference.

Save Blue

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