What Will Happen If I Skip My Breakfast?

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Taking breakfast has the least priority on our list when we make a list of morning schedules on a daily basis. We normally have no time to waste in the morning and the thing we compromise is breakfast on which you need to spend a few minutes. If you are able to find these minutes, we make sure your whole day will be wonderful and full of energy. In this article you will know about the harmful effects on your body if you skip breakfast.

Breakfast makes you energetic, active, and enthusiastic as it gives the required calories to your body and along with that, helps you to decrease extra calories, starts the functioning of the metabolism, and burns the fat on your body. This information is the newest one for most of the readers, but it is a fact which has been proved scientifically and after the numerous researches conducted in the most developed countries in the world like the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Canada, and some other European countries as well.

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To make your day wonderful, breakfast is the most important thing, but along with that, the traditional Desi food which is very popular in Pakistan must be left and take only those items which are recommended by the doctors and nutritionists. Those breakfasts should be used which are full of fibers, B vitamins, calcium, and iron. If you are using these things, your body will work according to your wish and keep you active for the whole day.

It must be remembered by all the people who are over-weight, especially girls that breakfast foods help you to start metabolism, which means that the waistline can be improved very easily. If you not taking breakfast, your sugar level will increase, which means that you are gaining weight.

What Will Happen If You Skip Breakfast?

Here are some harmful effects of skipping breakfast everyday;

Weight Gain:

When you starve for the entire night and till the next afternoon you don’t eat anything, your body craves more sugar and fatty foods. In this way, you eat more sugary items and fats containing foods. And chances are more that you may consume more calories in this way. That’s why skipping meals may lead to weight gain in your body.


Headaches like migraines are the most common harmful effect of skipping meals. Your empty stomach may lead lowering of your blood sugar levels. And the hormonal system in your body tries to compensate it by balancing the sugar levels and causes a rise in blood pressure as a side effect. This rise in blood pressure causes headaches and migraines. So skipping breakfast is the most harmful thing for your body.

Increases Risk Of Type II Diabetes:

According to research in Harvard University, women who skip breakfast are at high risk of developing type II diabetes.

Hair Loss:

You may also face hair loss because of skipping breakfast. Your body needs a lot of nutrients to fulfill the daily needs of body functions. And along with other body tissues and cells, hair is the most rapidly growing tissue on your body. And It needs nutrition in a large amount. If you skip breakfast, the first impact is on your hair and skin.

Increase Risks Of Cancer:

The weight gain due to skipping breakfast can cause obesity. And we all know that obesity is the mother of all diseases. One of the main bad effects of this obesity is increasing the risks of cancer. So keep in mind skipping breakfast may lead you to dreadful diseases like cancer.

Lower Your Energy:

If you skip your breakfast, your whole day becomes gloomy and down. Whatever you eat afterward may not boost your energy level as compared to the energy provided by your breakfast. That’s why getting breakfast is so important for your health.


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There are some practices that must be adopted in the morning while planning breakfast permanently. We are giving you the list to follow so you can achieve what has been discussed above.

  • It is recommended that you should take breakfast just within the two hours after waking up.
  • You should take 25 to 30% calories of the whole day in the breakfast to make it profitable for your health.
  • Fruits and vegetables can be a good source of vitamins and minerals, which make your breakfast healthier.
  • Try to have this meal with your family members as this gathering will help you to make your mood better.
  • You need energy more efficiently and for that, you need good healthy food like grains, low-fat milk, and yogurt which can fulfill your body requirements.
  • Avoid junk, oily, spicy food and snacks if you are taking breakfast, but get benefits from it as well.

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