Dos and Don’ts For Your Newborn

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What a blessing a newborn baby is. Baby can make you look at the world from a completely new perspective. Just like you are a new parent, your baby is new in this world too. You have to be very careful in dealing with him/her.

Make sure you make your house baby friendly so that your baby grows in the best environment. In this article, you will learn some of the Dos and Don’ts for your newborn.

Do’s (Yes! Baby will love it)

  • Burping Your Baby Is Important

Making your baby burp can make you feel tired but it is essential for the babies. When baby burps, there are fewer chances for them to spit out milk later. It also saves a child from sudden infant death syndrome as they won’t vomit milk when they are laid on the bed.

  • Vaccination Is Essential

We know you don’t want to see your infant in pain but to make baby’s immunity system strong, vaccination is very important for them. Discuss it with your child’s pediatrician and make a schedule for all the immunization shots so that you know the dates. A good pediatric specialist can help you with vaccination and other issues regarding children.

newborn care
newborn care
  • Place Your Baby on Their Back

Don’t place your baby on their bellies. It will not only make them sleep in an accurate posture but will also prove as a precautionary measure to save them from Sudden infant death syndrome.

  • Swaddle

Baby loves to get swaddled they feel protected and stay cozy in it. Wrap them softly in a receiving blanket they will feel secure and sleep well.

  • Trim Their Nails

It’s a tough task as you don’t want to hurt them but it’s very essential otherwise they will scratch their face and often times they can get an infection of eyes if they accidentally scratch their eyes.

Don’ts (No! Baby will hate it)

  • Don’t Shake

Be gentle with babies. Don’t shake them to and fro to make them stop crying. Shaking them too often can lead to Shaken head syndrome. And in worse cases, constant shaking can lead to internal bleeding.

  • Let Them Sleep

Who likes to be woken up from a deep sleep? Sleeping makes their mind and body to grow well. Don’t wake them up by shaking or loudly calling their names. Wake them up gently.

  • Don’t Smoke In Front Of a Baby

Smoking is very dangerous for your baby. Passive smoking can badly affect a baby’s immune system as it is still very weak. Exposure to smoking can also cause respiratory problems in them.

  • Too Many Toys

Stuff toys can lead to choking and dust is often accumulated on them. It’s better if you don’t stuff their cribs with stuff toys.

newborn care
newborn care
  • Say No To Wipes

Excessive use of wipes can cause rash especially perfumed wipes are full of chemicals they can cause allergy to occur in babies. Try to wash them more often. Always visit a doctor if you find anything unusual in your babies. 

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