A Drastic Change: Motorbike Ambulance Service in Punjab

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motorbike ambulance service
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Certain situations in life stand in need for an immediate medical care or may be a fraction of a second delay can drastically change somebody’s life. The ambulance service and paramedics are very important in society as they save hundreds of lives on daily basis by responding to each emergency call. They operate from ambulance stations located in various areas with control centers that respond to emergency calls and dispatch them whenever needed.

One of the significant roles of the ambulance crew is to stabilize, fix & treat the patients quickly to prevent any mishap or complications before the patient reaches the hospital. Ambulances crew are well trained in first aid skills to be able to deal with profuse bleeding, crush and fall injuries, cardiac arrests, road accidents etc. Today, ambulances come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes equipped with a huge range of essential pre-hospital emergency machines including heart defibrillators, intravenous drips, splints, oxygen, drugs and much more. All ambulances have radios installed in them.

Revolutionary Measure By Government Of Punjab

For the Patient’s Care & First Aid requirements, the Punjab Government has decided to start the motorbike ambulance service and ‘Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’ has approved this service in all the divisional headquarters & healthcare sectors in Punjab, including Lahore. The Government of Punjab approved new ambulance service, which will be based on 900 Motorcycles & 900 medical technicians have been inducted for the motorbikes ambulance service.

Initially, ‘Dr. Rizwan Naseer’ who is the Director General of Punjab Emergency Service, said:

“The rescue ‘1122’ will initiate recruitment, which is based on around 300 of paramedical staff to begin with this motorbike emergency services in Lahore, 50 each in Bahawalpur, Gujranwala, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad, Sargodha and Sahiwal & 100 each in Rawalpindi & Multan.”

The initial information reveals that the scheme is supposed to be launch to pick injured persons or to deal such emergencies in congested areas of cities with heavy traffic where it is difficult to reach in rush hours & where the access to ambulances remains an argument. So, these motorbikes would be a very good initiative for the rescue & this will easily rush to narrow streets, small roads or poorly accessed localities. The 4-wheeler ambulance would receive patients from bikers to shift them to consecutive hospitals. Initially, there would be two trained rescuers, who will be dispatch with necessary first-aid equipment or tools to accord with the emergency on motorbike ambulances. This will be a good job opportunity for qualified diploma holders who have their driving licenses.

Marham is highly grooved-on in this act of kindness & applaud the successful revolution in the city. We are looking forward to the day that the service spread its wings to the entire country. We all should unite for the welfare of the healthcare set-ups & departments and create small revolutionary changes for the patient’s health. For this purpose, a huge struggle is required & Marham is joining hands with all those who are working for any Health Care cause. This is important because successful struggle demands that there should be a kind of social consciousness. There has to be a social commitment, a social consciousness that joins men together.

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