Drug-Resistant Typhoid, Alarming Situation For Pakistan

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There is an alarming situation in Pakistan that we all are unaware of. Yes! Drug-resistant Typhoid is reaching its peak situation in Pakistan and seriously no one is aware of it. The even US warned Pakistan to take action against it before it gets too late. The United States of America just added in a report that Pakistan and other South Asian countries must take a step to avoid rapid traveling of this typhoid. They also advise the Pakistani travelers to get themselves vaccinated before traveling out of the country. You can also book an appointment with the best General Physician in Lahore from Marham.pk.

What is the situation?

Now what we need to know about this typhoid is that they rarely respond to antibiotics. Antibiotics are the only cure for typhoid and if it won’t change the condition then what else will be. The major spot of this outbreak in Karachi. There are a number of reasons behind it. No vaccinations, poor hygiene level and a huge amount of waste on streets are creating virus and bacteria that are strong enough. You can also book an appointment with the best General Physician in Karachi from Marham.pk.

Drug Resistant Typhoid

How Can We Save Ourselves?

First and foremost step to avoid this typhoid is to get yourself vaccinated on time. Using boil water should be a priority. If you think that using water from your street’s tube well is safe then you must think again. That water is equally polluted and can cause typhoid. Get yourself vaccinated before traveling outside the country.
Encourage yourself to eat healthy food. Here healthy food not only means all vegetables and fruits only. Avoiding junk and restaurant food is necessary as well. Most of them contain bad bacteria and viruses. The Practice of hand washing before start eating or doing anything should be a must.

Drug Resistant Typhoid

Other Precautions

In such a rare type of typhoid, many unusual symptoms are also present. These symptoms include bleeding, Diarrhea, a pink spot on the abdomen and chest. The only cure for typhoid until now is antibiotics but in severe conditions only doctor can handle the situation. You can also book an appointment with the best General Physician in Islamabad from Marham.pk.

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