Eating Insects-A New Super Food Trend

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How many times have you shrugged watching TV when someone feeds on a caterpillar or any other bug. There would be hardly anyone in our part of the world who would dare to feed on insects. But in many cultures, it is normal to eat insects and bugs. These are highly nutritious and are considered a green alternative food.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle in entomophagy “consuming insects for nutrition” is that EWW FACTOR. But advocates of this novel food trend say this is not only healthy for humans but for the environment as well. In 2103 UN published a survey about cultures where bug are used as food. It urged the world to use insects as food to ensure the security of the world’s food supply.

How Bugs are Better for Us?

It sounds uninviting to eat insects but science proves these are jam-packed with goodness. Insects like arachnids are known to have more protein than traditional meat sources. These also have enough fiber, vitamins, and minerals to compete for fruits, vegetables, and some grains.

A recent study regarding cricket eating showed that feeding on cricket powder reduces inflammation and promotes gut health. To find a stomach doctor in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan use

Besides adding to food options the micro-livestock is also promising when it comes to food security, environmental conservation, and economic diversity.

It is apparent that keeping and growing insects is far more economical than raising crops and animal farming. It may take time to add bugs in the everyday diet. To find out which food is best for you to book an appointment with the best dietician is Islamabad using Also, understanding which types of insects are edible is also important.  There are as much as 500 species of insects that can be eaten. Black ants, caterpillars, cricket and scorpions are just a few to start with.

While it may sound gross to eat insect are you aware that an average person eats as much as one to two pounds of flies and insects per year unknowingly? Also, it is permitted for packaged foods to have a certain percentage of insect parts without mentioning it as an ingredient!

So you are already eating insects unknowingly. Would you eat these as food willingly?

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