Effective Strategies to Stop Stuttering

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Do you know more than 1% of the world’s population stutters! There is no medical cure devised for this problem to date. Men are found to be more frequently affected by this compared to women. Fortunately, there are certain methods and techniques that can be practiced to get rid of this problem.

Stuttering most commonly surfaces in childhood and for many people, it disappears as they progress to their adulthood. If you are someone who has not got rid of stuttering after adolescence you can learn some techniques to get over this. You can also seek the help of the best speech therapist in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan using marham.pk.

Here are some easy and interesting tips to overcome stuttering.

  • If you happen to like singing here is a good news for you. Singing a word rather than speaking it can help to improve stuttering. You will be surprised by the effectiveness of this method once you try.
  • Take a book and read it aloud in front of family or friends. With regular practice, you can overcome stammering.
  • Visualize the words you want to speak before you actually speak these out.

  • Do not speak a lot in a short time. Speak slowly and clearly can help to get rid of stammering.
  • If you are going to speak a difficult word relax your nerves and take a deep breath. You can also break it into smaller pieces to avoid getting stuck with one.
  • For some people chewing while speaking does the trick. You can also try this.
  • You can play with a pitch of your voice as well and find impressive results. Speaking loudly or whispering can help to overcome stuttering. If you are unable to control the pitch of your voice book an appointment with the best speech therapist in Karachi and other cities to get professional help in this matter.
  • Pay attention to your breathing pattern while speaking. If you hold your breath when you speak it will worsen the condition further. However, speaking while exhaling can be helpful.
  • If you get tense and worried when you speak it will not do any good. Stress increases the problem of stuttering.
  • Compose your thoughts and stay collected when speaking.

Sometimes it is just your thoughts and feelings of anxiety that take over and you end up stuttering. Your brain is wired very cleverly. You can control your thoughts and hence their effects. If you think and feel confident you will be confident. So train your brain to your benefit and get rid of stuttering.

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