Effects Of Sports Drinks On Oral Health

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Exercise, Workout or any sort of physical training requires a lot of energy. A person might feel drained out after an intense workout. Sports drinks are meant especially for athletes to regain the strength that they lose while training. It provides energy and electrolytes to a body that it loses when a person does an extensive workout.

As long as you aren’t doing the intense workout you don’t need a drink that is rich in sugar and electrolytes. Even though it is good for athletes but for the common person who is not involved in extraordinary exertion nothing beats the advantages of plain, natural water. Sports drink causes a lot of health problems especially Oral Health issues, some of them are highlighted below:

Extra Sugar

Sports drink claims to have electrolytes; sodium and potassium in them and it’s true that they are necessary when you do physical exertion for at least 90 minutes or above.

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But what if you are not involved in a physical workout and still consume energy drinks? Well, then you are at a loss as you are consuming the Extra amount of sugar. Extra sweetness creates acids that eat away your teeth.

Acid Attack

Energy drinks have a high content of citric acid that is notorious for wearing off the enamel of the teeth and it makes our gums vulnerable of bacteria and teeth are more likely to get cavities. The acid in the drink wears off enamel (The top layer of the tooth) and brushing teeth right after a drink can damage the soft enamel of tooth greatly.

Dry mouth/Foul Smell

After drinking a sports drink you often feel dryness in your mouth, it is because of the excess sugar present in it. Make sure your mouth isn’t dry often as it can become a cause of wearing off the enamel. Due to dry mouth person also experiences foul smell. In case you feel the decline of saliva in your mouth or persistent foul smell. Contact your dentist as soon as possible.

Oral hygiene is vital for the overall wellbeing of a person, so don’t ignore small cavities and consult with your dentist as soon as possible.

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