Eid-Ul-Adha, Eat Healthy And Stay Healthy.

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Brace yourself for all the meaty dishes because Eid-ul-Adha is ahead. Qorma, Baryani, and Pulao are already at the top of the list. Obviously, everyone is following the trend. But health should be the first priority on every event. Although these dishes are way too tempting that one can hardly say no it but on the other hand they are harmful too. This Eid Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy by following simple tips.
On this Eid-ul-Adha let’s keep our diet healthy yet delicious and go slow on the meat. Overeating of fresh meat can lead to so many chronicle diseases. So do not let these 3 days happiness turn into some big trouble. You can also consult with a Good endocrinologist to keep sugar level normal during these days.

Add Salads in the meal.

It’s okay to do a bit unhealthy routine on Eid. But there is a pro tip to keep the food balance. When you are having all these delicious yet oily and full of spice food, do not forget to prepare a healthy salad too. Try to add all the green and reds in this salad. Make it full of nutrition. Now it is really okay to eat all the meaty dishes.

No Fizzy Drink.

Trust me there is nothing good about fizzy drinks. Either it is eid or any occasion one must avoid fizzy drinks. Fresh meat is already too much load for the stomach so do not enhance it with these drinks. It can also cause itchy throat and stomach infection immediately. You can also consult with the best cardiologist to stay away from heart issues during these days.

Green Tea after Heavy meal.

It is must to have green tea after a heavy meal. Green tea will help in digestion. Other than digestion it keeps the balance in blood sugar level and good for diabetic patients. It also normalizes high blood pressure and helps the patients with heart diseases and avoid blood thickening

No fried Meat

Fresh meat is already taken a long time to digest. If you are using fried meat than you are giving it more chance to harm your digestive system. Oil can also thicken your blood and thus create trouble in heart and veins. Try to use well-cooked meat so that there are no bacteria in it. You can also consult with the best cardiologist to stay away from heart issues during these days.

Walk for a while.

Do not forget to walk after a meal. It is important to digest it. Such heavy meals take almost 6 hours to get digest.

Above all do not forget the purpose of this that is “Sacrifice”. Enjoy the holidays with family and spread happiness.

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