Encouraging Self-Care In The Midst Of The Pandemic

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It is important to encourage self-care in the midst of the pandemic for the emergence of mentally stronger individuals after it ends and for that, we need to ask, How are you feeling? 

Anxious, restless, fearful, sad, stressed, doubtful, bored, or just plain uncomfortable? 

If yes, you are not alone. Many people all around the world are having difficulty in coping with the changes our lives are going through at the moment. Although it’s difficult for people to accept them, the sooner we do, the better we will be able to handle ourselves and the people around us. I assure you that it is normal and understandable for you to experience a wide array of emotions in the midst of this corona epidemic and it doesn’t mean that you are weak or unworthy. Everyone reacts differently and what you feel right now would change over time. 

Taking care of your emotional health during an emergency will help you think clearly and react to the urgent needs to protect yourself and your family, therefore taking care of your mental and psychosocial health should be of utmost priority to you along with your physical health.

Below are some helpful tips for you to begin with: 


Start by noticing and acknowledging your feelings


Express your frustrations with a person of trust or a medical professional online or in-person and then let go of it. Thinking continuously about one thing would only be harmful to your mental health.


Do not distress yourself by judging yourself too harshly. Be accepting of your concerns and work on them.


Accept that you can’t change the behavior of another person and so avoid making judgments. This is a hard time for everyone, the least we could do is not cause unpleasantness with people around us.


Build up a tolerance, try different things that would challenge you every few days. Do not beat yourself up if it doesn’t work out well at first, just keep doing it. Be okay with not being able to get what you want immediately, just try and try again if needed.


Keep a note of all that you’ve achieved or enjoyed even if it’s something small. This would make you more comfortable and accepting of yourself.


Take advantage of any free time you get. Mindful meditation is another way that would help you de-stress yourself and also divert your focus to the present. 

Like everything, I assure you the COVID19 pandemic will come to an end. Despite a little delay, you will get to do everything you want to eventually. Until then, stay hopeful, work on yourself, and your relationships with others. Remember that you are not alone, all of us are here for you. We’ll get through this together. 

Seek professional help if you find your thoughts jumbled up and you are unable to put a finger on what seems to be bothering you, it helps to talk to people who are trained to handle such situations. If you are looking for a psychologist to consult to, you will be able to find in on Marham.pk easily. 

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