Environmental Problems Stressing Health Of Rawalpindi Residents

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Environmental issues and pollutions are extremely hazardous problems that the world is facing today. Pakistan is also one of those countries where environmental problems are expanding violently with the progression of time. We definitely want to see Pakistan without any environmental issue but currently, there are lots of challenges. If we only talk about the twin cities of Pakistan, then it is extremely saddening to state that environmental problems in these cities are not only expanding but also stressing the health of the residents.

Like, other big cities Rawalpindi is badly affecting by the environmental issues and pollution. There are several reasons behind this and we have to cut down these reasons on an urgent basis. Otherwise, it will have a more negative impact on the health of Rawalpindi residents.

Open Garbage Heaps In Rawalpindi:

Garbage heaps at different regions of Rawalpindi irritated the residents as it was causing several health issues, diseases and was the real reason for environmental issues and pollutions. Numerous areas have serious environmental effects like irresistible ailments, land and air contamination because of blockage of channels and water contamination in natural streams.

Residents complained that failure of the sanitation authority could be seen in regions of Sir Syed Chowk, Arya Mohallah, and Khayaban-e-Sir Syed because of inappropriate management of garbage dumping. They said that the circumstance is ending up extremely complex in the city because of industrialization and urbanization, whereas open dumping, illegal burning and un-built sanitary landfilling of strong waste were the wrong transfer rehearses embraced by the local authorities.

Factories Are Also Causing Problem:

Many factories are causing problems for the residents and have a solid impact on the environment causing air pollution, water pollution, noise pollutions, and air pollution. These factories throw waste into the natural streams which irrigate the nearby agricultural lands and thus the food items that grow on such land causes deaths and a lot of diseases as well.

Pollution Due To Increase In Public And Private Transport:

In the recent past years, there is a noticeable rise in the usage of vehicles. Due to this much increase in the vehicles, air pollution is causing many diseases such as asthma, breathing issue, skin problems, eye diseases, allergies, and lung diseases.

How Can We Resolve This Issue?

This is the time when we need to make national environmental policies with a considerable increase in the budget of the environment. However, there are also some ways by which we can resolve environmental issues:

  • By planting more trees
  • People must not cut trees and use wood as fuel
  •  Making effective strategies to avoid factory’s waste and chemicals
  • By taking actions to make clean air program
  • Changing bad habits like wastage of water, electricity, and dispersal of garbage
  • Spreading more awareness

The environmental problem is not only about Rawalpindi but the whole of Pakistan. But if it is seen that people in one place are particularly affected by this, then it should be resolved immediately and authorities should take actions on urgent basis. After all, it’s the matter of their health and well being.

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