Everyday 5 Habits That are Ruining Your Eyesight!

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Eyes are one of the smallest organs of our body yet they play a vital role in our well being. Through eyes, we are able to see this colorful world. In this century we are exposed to lots of stimuli that are damaging our eyes.

In this article we will throw light on FIVE everyday Habits that are making our Eyesight miserable:

Excessive use of Smart Screens:

Do you feel your eyes are tired and often feel pain around the forehead and neck muscles? You might be using a smartphone and laptops for stretched hours. Too much screen time can damage your vision to a great extent. This can result into blurred vision, headache, and in severe cases nausea. Using the laptop for a long time can cause dryness in the eyes which can lead to serious problems. We recommend you to take a break after every 20 minutes and consult an eye specialist.

Everyday 5 Habits That are Ruining Your Eyesight!

Old Contact Lenses:

Just like you get rid of old clothes, you have to replace old lenses with new ones. Don’t exceed the wearing limit of it otherwise, you can get an infection. Other than that sharing your contacts, sleeping while wearing them or switching your lenses every other week can lead to some serious vision-blurring infections.

Expired Eye Makeup:

Come on! Ladies, we all use that old mascara to curl our lashes. Beware! It can badly affect your eyes. Germs on its brush can cause nasty infection in your eyes. I know it is hard to throw it away but when it gets clumpy that means it’s time to throw it out.

Excessive use of Eye Drops:

The emergency eye-drop in your fridge that you use to get relief from itchiness from your eyes can cause trouble for you. Too much usage of it can lead to permanent redness of your eyes.

Everyday 5 Habits That are Ruining Your Eyesight!

Rubbing your Eyes:

Although it is so satisfying but roughly rubbing your eyes can damage cornea permanently. In addition to it, rubbing spreads dirt and bacteria in your eyes; Instead of rubbing try to blink your eyes rapidly to get rid of itchiness.

Always consult an eye specialist if you have any trouble in your vision. It’s always better to be on safe side rather than being sorry later.

Few Most Popular Eye Specialists In Pakistan:

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