The One Expert Nutrition Advice You Must Read

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Increase your movement.

You can’t lose weight if you are not moving.

You can’t do anything if you don’t move.

You will never enjoy a healthy long life if you don’t move enough.

If you are a housewife, move more. Don’t sit in front of the TV all day.

If you work at the office, walk for 5 minutes after every hour.

If you keep moving, your body won’t punish you with extra weight & tiredness.

and when you move enough, you deserve to eat good food.

“This is the best nutrition advice I can give to people of Pakistan. I don’t understand why people don’t walk or do any healthy activity to keep their engine rolling. When we move enough, we consume. Every other diet /nutrition tip comes later.”

Dr. Shehla Javed Akram – Consultant Nutritionist & CEO Akram Medical Complex

This tip has helped many of my patients in losing weight. Here is the success story of my patient who made an early morning walk a part of her life.

“Just a short note to thank you for what i can only describe as a modern day miracle for me.I want to say a BIG THANKS to you for motivating me with my weightloss journey. I had totally lost the hope of getting back into shape after trying every diet available and just getting disappointed. Being a doctor , a profession where you most of the time sitting in one place with not much moving about and very little activity had made me very lazy and i was following a very unhealthy lifestyle.I always looked for shortcuts for weightloss which i realize now only made me more UNHEALTHY. Research aside, it is still a calculated risk when you choose an expert in an unfamiliar field. I COULD NOT BE MORE SATISFIED WITH MY DECISION of consulting you.I regret in not coming to see you much earlier. When i started off the weight loss program three months back i was dead sure its going to be the most difficult thing to do, because being a big time foodie i was sure it was going to be extremely difficult to control those sinful cravings. But thanks to Dr. Shehla she made it so simple for me giving me a customized diet chart for every meal with a little bit of daily activity and she was constantly there to support me every time i felt i wanted to give up. Today i feel really good about myself after a fair amount of weightloss. I feel the confidence back, and that keeps me naturally smiling and happy all the time now. And when people around you tell you your glowing and you look really good now that’s an even bigger boost. I really didn’t know a small change in your diet with all the natural foods and absolutely no artificial substitutes could make such a good difference. Now i don’t even crave unhealthy food i naturally opt for healthy food that’s the difference this program has made in my life.Moreover its become part of my life now an early morning walk , lots of healthy food all day… its become a way of life now i can say. Dr. Shehla, you were marvelous and very professional, made me feel at ease and comfortable. You have my deepest respect ma’am. Once again my heartfelt gratitude to you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH…!! 🙂

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If you want to have a discussion over Do’s and Don’t of diet and nutrition, I can help you. Health must be your priority. Everything else comes later. Invest in it. Invest in yourself.

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Move today so you wont have to regret it while lying on your bed.

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