Facial Reconstructive Surgery – A Ray of Light in Dark

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The name is the first identity of the person and face is the second most important thing to recognize the person. Any defect or abnormality in facial features not only affects the person’s identity but also his beauty and self-confidence. Facial paralysis is one of that factors which negatively affect the facial beauty. Facial paralysis is a condition in which loss of facial movement happened due to nerve damage. In this abnormality, facial muscles may appear to droop or become severely weak. This can affect one or both sides of the face. It not only affects the beauty of the face but can cause difficulty in normal smiling, eating, chewing and sometimes in swallowing too. Fortunately nowadays many such procedures are available that can help regain normal facial features. Facial reconstructive surgery is one of these methods. Professionals like Dr. Mohammad Bilal and Dr. Muhammad Abbas are adept at performing these procedures successfully. You can book your free consultancy appointment for surgery here.

Why Does it Happen?

Nothing happens on its own without any reason. Same is the truth of facial paralysis as it can happen for numerous reasons. Sometimes this condition may arise suddenly and in some cases, it develops gradually. Mostly facial paralysis may occur due to any of the following reasons;

  • Infection in facial nerve
  • Inflammation of the facial nerve
  • Head trauma
  • Tumor in head or neck
  • Stroke
  • Skull fracture
  • Face injury
  • Ear infection or damage
  • Ramsay Hunt syndrome which is the infection of the facial nerve.
  • Autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, which cause damage to the brain and spinal cord, and Gillian bare syndrome, which damages the nervous system.

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How is it Treated?

Facial paralysis affects the facial normal features and functions so badly that it should be treated appropriately. The best treatment for this abnormality is surgery. Reconstruction surgery can help to recover from this abnormality to regain the normal features again. If you are a victim of facial palsy or any other unfortunate accident, do not suffer in silence and find out ways that can help you have a better quality of life. Find a surgeon best suited to your requirements to address your issues properly.

How will Reconstruction Surgery Help Out?

Reconstruction surgery is such a miracle that it really helps to regain the lost functions due to facial paralysis. It is a complex surgical procedure by which muscular skin is taken from one part of the body and grafted on the affected part. In the case of facial reconstruction, surgery skin is taken from the inner mouth or from the thigh and grafted on the affected facial part. This successful grafting amazingly helps the person to smile again perfectly and also restore all other lost functions. Until the date, this surgical procedure showed satisfactory successful results.

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When is it Recommended?

If the available physical therapies and medications are not making any difference in the abnormality status and patient health status is quite satisfactory instead of it then reconstruction surgery can help to get rid of facial paralysis.

Post-operative Care

After surgery, most of the normal functions of the body regained automatically but still some physical therapies and medication is needed to get the best results. So patient should keep contact with a surgeon and take appropriate cares recommended.

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