6 Facts About Insect Bite Allergies

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There are many stinging insects in our homes and surroundings like honeybees, wasps, fire ants, spiders and many more. Not everyone is allergic to insects but if it bites you its venom can create a lot of reactions on your skin such as swelling, rashes, and redness. Even you can feel mild to extreme pain after an insect sting. Insect’s stings are deadly in some rare cases.

Facts About Allergy By Stinging Insects:

Some of the facts about insect bite allergy are as follows:

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  1. The severity of symptoms can vary from person to person.
  2. There are many insects which if sting you produce no allergic reactions.
  3. If the reaction is anaphylactic than it can be the most serious and fatal reaction to you.
  4. Some allergies are like swelling on tongue difficulty in breathing.
  5. You may face loss of consciousness sometimes.

Pain in throat and hoarseness are common.

Types of Reactions:

Non- Allergic :

Most insect stings are not allergic. It can only cause some itching and redness or swelling at the place it sting.

Allergic :

In the case of an allergic reaction, people have different reactions some may develop antibodies against the venom. You may experience tingling, nausea and vomiting too. If you suffer from an allergy you might need to visit a hospital. for minor symptoms, you can take help from your family physician as well. To find and consult a family physician in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan visit Marham.pk.

Remedies and Treatment Options for Insect Bites:

Some of the commonly used remedies and treatment options available are as under:

  1. Honey bees stings are always left on the skin of the person when it stings and can be removed by gently lifting it by fingernails.
  2. You can apply ice on the sting.
  3. Keep the area clean and wash off any debris of insect on skin.
  4. Your doctor will prescribe you injectable which helps in pain relief.
  5. The oral dose recommended by a doctor can also help with allergic reactions.
  6. It is advisable to avoid the sting by keeping your self -covered when outside.
  7. you can also use insect repellent lotion or sprays.
  8. There are therapies available which can prevent the spread of venom and its reactions as well.

Allergic reactions appear only in some of the people. If you are allergic to certain insects you can check out with your health practitioner about safety options like vaccines.

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