Facts You Should Know About The Inguinal Hernia!

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You surely have heard the word ‘hernia’ once in your life. And you wonder what exactly this problem is. Because for a layman it is not easy to understand all the medical terms. But sometimes it is necessary to understand the medical issues so that you can show compliance with your doctor’s instructions while treatment.

So, in easy words, the hernia is a condition in which a hole is produced in the weakened muscle layer of the abdomen, organs and tissues in the abdomen protrude or bulge through this hole and sometimes cause pain. There are many types of hernias. But the most common type is groin or inguinal hernia and it is more common in males and premature babies.

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What is inguinal hernia?

It is the hernia produced in the groin region. It occurs when the tissues and parts of the intestine bulge through the weakened spot in the abdominal wall.

What are the signs and symptoms?

It appears as a lump or mass in the groin region especially when you are coughing or in standing position. In infants, it appears when the baby is crying. This type of hernia is usually painful especially on movement or lifting weights. Sometimes burning sensation and swelling in the scrotum region can also be seen.

What are the causes of an inguinal hernia?

The main cause is the weakened abdomen muscles of the body. These muscles become weak or deteriorate with aging, excessive heavy weight lifting, or any activity that increases the pressure on the tissues of your abdomen. Sometimes chronic constipation, coughing, and sneezing can also be the risk factors for inguinal hernia. Obesity is also a cause of developing this type of hernia.

How inguinal hernia is diagnosed?

The doctor performs a physical examination to diagnose it. You are asked to cough while in standing position. So that doctor can see the protruding bulge in your groin area.

What is the treatment of Inguinal hernia?

The only cure for this problem is surgery. There are different techniques for surgeries like laparoscopic or open surgery.  If the hernia is asymptomatic or not causing much discomfort, the doctors give the advice to take precautionary measures and notice any change or increase in the bulge. Because the ultimate treatment is only the surgery.  In surgical treatment, the main goal is to repair the abdominal wall by putting a mesh to strengthen it. The bulging tissues or organs are put in their actual place and the hole is sealed with sutures or adhesive glue.

What are the preventive measures?

Although genetic factors cant be changed you can control or delay the occurrence or reoccurrence of inguinal hernia by avoiding heavyweights, eating a balanced diet to avoid constipation, maintaining a healthy weight, and quitting smoking.

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