Farsightedness- When should You See your Eye Specialist

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Farsightedness is one of the common vision problems among masses. It is also termed as hyperopia. Having farsightedness means you can see distant objects clearly but nearby objects appear blurry. This is because light from nearby objects fails to focus clearly on the retina. This is a hereditary condition and can be present at the time of birth.

Symptoms of Farsightedness:

When you are farsighted you may experience the following symptoms:

    • Objects placed near seem blurry
    • You have to squint to see better
    • You are suffering from eye strain
    • There is burning or ache in and around your eyes
    • After a prolonged close up a task like a computer work and reading you may experience a lot of eye discomfort including a headache and eye discomfort.

Reason Causing Farsightedness:

Farsightedness results from a cornea that is shorter than normal or if the cornea is curved too little. This results in problems of eyesight. Some people can only see distant objects clearly for other both near and far objects may appear blurry.

When Should You See your Eye Specialist?

If the extent of farsightedness you are experiencing is pronounced enough to make daily operations difficult you should see an eye specialist. To find the best eye specialist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan visit marham.pk. Since eye problems are not always readily predictable it is advised to have eye exams regularly. Here is a guide for children and adults regarding timings for routine eye checkups.

Recommendations for Adults:

If you are at high risk of developing glaucoma, you should go for a dilated eye exam every year after the age of 40.
If you have a low risk of eye problems and do not use eyeglasses or contacts getting an eye exam at below-mentioned intervals is advised:

    • an initial exam at the age of 40
    • Every two to four years till you turn 54
    • From 55 onwards every one to three years until 64
    • Every other year after you are 65

If you use glasses and have diseases that can affect eye health especially diabetes you will need to have regular eye exams. Your doctor will decide how frequently you need to see your eye specialist. If you experience any eyesight changes or other eye symptoms schedule an appointment right away with the best eye specialist, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan using marham.pk.

Recommendations for Children:

Children should have an eye exam:

    • When they are 6 months old
    • Another soon after their third birthday
    • Also before their first grade and every two years during school
    • At every good child check up and public screening opportunity

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