Fat to Fit: How I lost 20 kg in 2 months

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People get amazed when they see me now. They have a lot of questions about my transformation because in 2 months I lost 20 kg. People think that this enormous transformation happened either due to bad health or some depression. But that is not the case, I am happy, healthy and making the most of my life.

I have been doing cardio exercise for a long time with the motivation to lose weight. But it never worked for me. I guess the flaw was my uncontrollable desire for junk food. I used to eat three parathas a day, and if I did not like the food cooked at home, I used to go out and eat junk food (burgers and shawarmas). Whatever calories I burnt were gained by the huge some of the food intakes.

In order to lose weight, I had to eliminate greasy junk food from my life. Let me tell you, the path from fat to fit is very hard, but doable, it is my mantra and I believe anyone can do it.

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In life, we cannot do anything without discipline. It is critical to understand the value of time and health. I knew the value of diet when I talked to my brother-in-law, who is a doctor. I told him about my situation, and he advised me to control my diet. It was all I needed at that point to improve my body.

1. Evolution of Diet

As a food lover, it is hard to control the one thing you love the most in this whole world. I used to rely on junk food in order to avoid a home-cooked meal. This is why it was impossible for me to stop eating everything at once and switch to a healthy diet.

So, I took small doable steps; I ceased to eat parathas three times a day. I reduced it to two times a day. Then I skipped one day of eating junk food, which was hard for me to do. But, I knew the strength of control and composure came from within me. Slowly, I realized that my body went through a change. The change was a positive one, in which, I got further motivated to completely switch my diet plan. I stopped eating parathas, junk food, and cold drinks, and my stamina increased while working out.

2. Setting of Goals

Before starting anything, I set up individual goals and promised to follow them. The goals were simple: I will make short-term achievable plans. Along these years of working out, I have realized that I cannot burden my mind with the possibility of achieving something impossible in one day.

Transformation is a process, not a one-time thing. In some book, I read that the route to success is through taking baby steps. I had the support of my family because it is not one person’s job. They helped me in controlling my appetite. They provided me all the emotional support that I needed to get through.

The most important thing that I want to share is that I went through this transformation for myself, I did not do it for anyone or because of any remark. I knew I had a choice and then went for it.

3. Persistence is The Key

It is easy to get motivated by watching a video, reading something motivational, and watching someone successful. But, it all comes down to persistence and patience. It is important to remember the goal every time you workout. Whenever I run 6 kilometers, I don’t obsess over the distance, I prepare for the whole day during running.

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By diverting my mind, I was able to pass a huge chunk of my time and distance without being frustrated or tired. Some people believe that working out is just a process that one has to go through for a short period of time. But, instead, it is a lifestyle. Exercise and diet is a way of life; it is a continuous life-long process.

4. Detoxing the Body

Health is not just about aesthetics and outer image, it is also about immunity and internal health. After eating oily parathas, extra large burgers, and ice cold fizzy drinks I had all sorts of poison in my system.

The intoxication of all the impurities in my body weakened my immunity. I started to get sick a lot and skipped my workout because of it. But, with the shift in my diet, I added some homemade warm beverages to cut down the fat and detox my system. Those were;

  • Lukewarm water with lemon
  • Lukewarm water with honey
  • Lukewarm water with salt
  • Green tea

5. Attitude Plays an Important Role

Keeping a positive attitude takes a lot more courage than working out. It is easy to be sad, depressed and pessimistic every time, but staying happy takes a lot from a person. In the start, I was very cranky and toxic when I changed my eating habit. I made a point in showing people that I was controlling my diet, but it had a very negative effect in my life. Everyone started to avoid me. That moment of loneliness taught me the importance of people my life, so I changed myself. And by improving my attitude I managed to make things easy for me and the people around.

6. Transformation Effect

Transformation effect was the best moment in my life. I managed to lose 20 kgs by making simple yet effective changes in my eating and exercising habits.

People and their opinions changed when they saw me. The naysayers were the first ones to change their views about me. I achieved my goal now I have to maintain it. I bought new clothes because the old ones do not fit me anymore.

I feel more confident now and have been able to grab a lot of opportunities owing to my personality change and outlook. For more information, you can consult with the best Nutritionists in Pakistan.

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