Fatty Liver, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

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Being an important part of bowel liver also needs importance and care. There is a disease related to the liver that is called the fatty liver. In this liver get fatty which can directly affect other functions as well. Because the liver is all related to blood circulation so if it gets affected ultimately other organs will get affected too.

Less amount of fatness is fine for the liver but if it exceeds it can be really harmful. There are so many causes of fatty liver and the major one is the consumption of fatty and unhealthy food. Let’s take note of causes, symptoms and other risk factors of fatty liver. You can also book the best Liver Specialist in Lahore from Marham.pk

Junk food is a big Cause of Fatty Liver


The Major reason for fatty liver is overeating. Those people who eat a lot and food full of bad fats can easily suffer from a fatty liver. Another weird fact about this disease is rapid weight loss. All unusual weight loss is not a sign of diabetes or healthy physique. Liver infection especially hepatitis C is also a cause. There are many other factors that can cause this disease.


When a person suffers from this disease he initially feels no such symptoms. But gradually these symptoms start appearing which includes decrease appetite, fatigue, pain in the abdomen, jaundice, increase in bleeding, and confusion. There are two grades of this disease. Grade 1 is a mild form but grade 2 can be severe and needs attention. You can also book the best Liver Specialist in Pakistan from Marham.pk

Protect your liver

Diagnosis and Risk Factors.

This can be diagnosed either by a blood test or imaging test. Imaging test means a kind of CT scan of the liver which can give proper inspection of the liver. The liver biopsy also helps in finding this disease. Its prevention includes Healthy diet and no obesity at all. Moreover, Exercise can also help to get rid of this disease.

It is very necessary to keep the liver in good condition because bad conditions can harm the stomach, intestine and whole bowel. It can also create water in the bowel in some severe cases. You can also book the best Liver Specialist in Islamabad from Marham.pk

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