Feeling Numb And Dizzy? Seasonal Affective Disorder Can be Reason.

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Just after getting up in the morning I use to get excited about the office. There is a number of reasons that I enjoy my workplace and work as well. This morning wasn’t the same because when I get up from the bed I was half numb. My eyes were burning with tears.

Weather is changing and I had an idea that it will be going to affect me because it wasn’t happening the first time. I thought I will be okay in a while but numbness and headache were getting severe. After getting ready for office I hugged my mom before leaving home. “Mothers really have some superpower to recognize what is going wrong in our life” and my mother observed it already. She told me that this is because of seasonal change and some good home remedies can really help me out. Here I’m sharing those wonderful tips so that if you are also facing seasonal affective disorder then you must follow them too. But in case of any severe trouble, you can visit the best general physician in Pakistan from Marham.pk.

Treatment is important.

I thought this seasonal disorder will get away in a while but it wasn’t. Luckily with the help of technology advancement, I took online consultation from the doctor through a well-known application named as Marham. The doctor advised me to not miss any medication and take extra care of myself. If you are feeling same dizziness and numbness then you must start medication right away.

Stay Away from Depression.

This change can cause serious depression and its okay to be depressed. But do not get habitual. Try to get relaxed and divert your mind in other activities. When I got depressed I work out and exercise. I sit with my family and cheer up. This actually acts as a therapy.

Stay Hygienic.

This change is all about germs and bacteria. Stay hygienic and wash out all the germs. Take shower and keep your towel separate. A mutual towel can spread germs and transfer your ailment from one another.

Keep calm and stay happy. There are so many people who are facing much more than we can imagine. Your ailment can be nothing so don’t overreact on everything and stay positive.

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