Feeling Pain In Heart, Should I See a Cardiologist?

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“OMG! Pain in the heart?? Let’s find a heart specilaist and get it diagnosed. I am too young to die!”

Anything related to our body organ makes us conscious but in case of the heart, most of us panic, even I do and start finding a cardiologist for advice. Some people don’t take risks and consider even a normal pain as a heart attack which is life-threatening. People mostly get scared by the heart pain and on the basis of their assumptions and misguidance, they consider it a heart attack. The society needs to be educated on the fact that minor heart pains are not heart attacks but commonly known as cardiac arrest.

Heart Attack-MYTH or Fact?

But it’s quite a myth that every heart pain leads us to cardiac arrest. There are some of the symptoms which you should know that will help you learn about the clear heart attacks and cardiac arrest.

Symptoms of a Heart Attack – A Cardiologist Review

  • The first one is the chest discomfort which is considered as the clear sign of heart danger. A person may feel pressure on his chest and assumes that something is burning inside his chest.
  • The next important symptom that the pain radiates from the heart towards left arm and keeps on increasing every minute.
  • Other symptoms include pain in jaw followed by severe dizziness.
  • Moreover sweating is one of the major symptoms observed. If not taken to a cardiac specialist, it may lead to the severe heart attack that causes an irregular pattern of heartbeats and it is very difficult for a person to control.

Heart Attack Prevention Tips

(Detect-protect-Correct) A common slogan which is often raised for some disease is worth to ponder upon.

So if you observe any of the symptoms occurring in your body just consult a cardiologist online or rush towards the nearest hospital. Seeking medical attention at right time may be life-saving.

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